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  1. gioyfa

    Pop Up Mouseover Images

    Mike, I was searching exactly this in product listing when hover over the image to show the image!!! i tried to do it myself but i messed... Only one thing that i can't find is why in the page i have 2 instances of images, one that works on hover and one that doesn't work. I'd like to not showing the image that don't show the picture when hover. how could i delete this image and have in the page only one image that show the image when the mouse goes over!?? Many Thanks!!
  2. gioyfa

    [Contribution] CKEditor [wyswyg]

    Did you figure out this!?? i tried me too to put it in my contact_us.php and it works perfect but in my email arives like yours in html view..
  3. gioyfa

    Simple Admin Access Control

    Jared, I liked much your work!! it's very simple and practical as all we need... i had problem when i used this with my username, and i tried to follow your above advice to see what goes around.. i realised that PHP_AUTH_USER, _SERVER[php_AUTH_USER] and _SERVER[REMOTE_USER] don't return a value!!! what i have to do, and do you know maybe why this happens!?? thanks in advance, Giorgos!
  4. You have left in VALUES in first field blank, so it goes to save this entry to the first place of your table which in this id(=0) has already a value.. you have to see what is your last id number of this table and change this into a next number of this(if your last entry is 265, for this line you want to insert, change the first value to 266) One other question that i have my friends... I just downloaded the last pack and i set it.. no problems with the setting and the modifications, BUT... no image with the characters display.. anyone has any idea for which reason i have this problem!?? thanks in advance!