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    spoofy reacted to Guest in [Contribtion] Year/Make/Model for OSC v2.3.x   
    This is the Official Support Thread for the Year/Make/Model Contribution for osCommerce v2.3.x. I will monitor this thread and answer any questions I can. However, I offer FREE support in my spare time so if I don't reply, I don't have any spare time.
    Download the new version for 2.3.1 Here
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    spoofy reacted to FWR Media in [contribution] Security Pro - Querystring protection against hackers.   
    No the original code is a td.
    I always use $_GET as the long arrays are deprecated, but, the osCommerce team have decided to retain them in the core code so when changing core code I have to respect that.
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    spoofy got a reaction from haxer in List only Category and products title only on featured products box ?   
    I dont think there is any addon available that can do that but if you are trying to display all the products on the front page with just the names and link to the product, then it shouldn't be that hard to do.
    You will need to do some basic php coding