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  1. This following package is based on the Discount Code for osCommerce 2.3.1 Addon. I was able to reduce the install process from 16 steps down to 9 steps. Database tables and filenames definition have been removed. I tried to keep the code changes to a minimum. SQL install/uninstall is done automatically with the ot_ module. Download:
  2. @radhavallabh https://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/412855-product-quantity-selection/?do=findComment&comment=1769468
  3. To be honest, don't know. I haven't looked at it for a very long time. I just asked about the file set and store version so that i can try it out in the same setup as you did.
  4. I have never used that file set before so can't say. But I would guess SSL has nothing to do with the modal not popping up. What's the store version? Frozen or Edge?
  5. @LeeFoster Which file set did you install? Link?
  6. I am currently working on a Points and Rewards system for osC BS GOLD and EDGE. There are currently 2 addons out there that are more or less working if you take bits and pieces from each one of them. I have currently installed the Points and Rewards feature into an Edge test shop and all seems to work fine. The idea of such points system is interesting but unfortunately it is one of those addons that require a lot core file changes or better let's say code additions. There are more ADD AFTER than REPLACE WITH parts. I have managed to reduce the install steps by implementing some stuff into the module and new additional files. More improvement is possible I know it but first I want to get it working before going deeper into it. I still need to make the necessary Bootstrap design changes to some of the new files and then it's time for bug hunting. I was wondering did someone ever create one for BS? Or did anyone ever attempt to make one for BS? No need to recreate everything again if it has already been done. As soon I have all the design stuff fixed I will add a beta package here.
  7. @tttim6575 I highly doubt you'll get an answer here from the previous people. This is an old topic with the last answer dating back to 2012. There are however 2 config files. catalog/includes/config.php (front store side) catalog/admin/includes/config.php (admin side)
  8. Hi Andrea Try this following; Open your admin/stats_keywords.php file FIND <!-- bof function delete --> <td class="dataTableHeadingContent" align="center"><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_DELETE; ?></td> <!-- eof function delete --> REPLACE WITH <!-- bof function delete --> <td class="dataTableHeadingContent" align="left"><input type="checkbox" onClick="toggle(this)" /> Toggle All<br/></td> <!-- eof function delete --> AT THE VERY END OF THE FILE ADD <script> function toggle(source) { checkboxes = document.getElementsByName('update_keyword_list[]'); for(var i=0, n=checkboxes.length;i<n;i++) { checkboxes[i].checked = source.checked; } } </script> To keep everything nicely aligned FIND <!-- bof function delete --> <td class="dataTableContent" align="center"> <?php echo tep_draw_checkbox_field('update_keyword_list[]', $keywords['search_text']); ?> </td> <!-- eof function delete --> REPLACE WITH <!-- bof function delete --> <td class="dataTableContent" align="left"> <?php echo tep_draw_checkbox_field('update_keyword_list[]', $keywords['search_text']); ?> </td> <!-- eof function delete --> Hope that helps.
  9. This is the support topic for the Featured Products BS Addon. All credits to DunWeb Designs. I just converted to Bootstrap and fix some minor typos. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9355 Core code changes are necessary but only very, very few. Enjoy!
  10. Check the language file for the price product info module. ../includes/languages/english/modules/content/product_info/cm_pi_price.php const MODULE_CONTENT_PI_PRICE_DISPLAY_SPECIAL = '<del>%2$s</del> <span class="productPrice text-danger productSpecialPrice">%1$s</span>';
  11. Did you see my answer (4 posts up) from 4. December 2015? Did you try that?
  12. @Demitry Ok, I had a look at my specials code and it is not what you are looking for. Actually it is same as the see more button currently inside the Featured Products BS add-on. But I started to do some research and found a solution. It was easier than I thought. You need to use a select count(*) query to get the current total amount of featured products and you only want to get the ones that are set to f.status 1 So this is what I came up with Open your index module featured file FIND: if (tep_db_num_rows($featured_products_query) > 0) { // Show only if we still have products in the array ADD BEFORE: $featured_count_query = tep_db_query("select count(*) as total from featured WHERE status = '1'"); $featured_count = tep_db_fetch_array($featured_count_query); Now you can use this here to hide/show the button. if ($featured_count['total'] > MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_CONTENT_LIMIT) { BUTTON CODE HERE } Let me know if that works for you.
  13. @Demitry I did something similar long time ago for my specials on the index page. Show a certain amount of specials on the index page and a button that says Show All which redirects to the specials.php page. I will have to dig it out since I don't remember which shop I did that for. Give me some time and I'll get back to you.
  14. This following module is based on this Addon. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9006 This is for osC 2.3.4 BS GOLD and/or EDGE version. It will give you the possibility to "narrow down" the products listed in the product_listing.php page. To setup filters I think you better install the sample filters and look how they are setup. Please backup your files and database before attempting to install this. There are unfortunately file changes necessary but really minor ones. FULL PACKAGE: Filter Module BS.zip Enjoy!
  15. This is the support topic for the Advanced Specials Addon. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8294 Anything is just post here. Enjoy!
  16. Tsimi

    Payment fee

    @Shoppertroppen Download the zip package from my post here.
  17. @raiwa Yes, the version number is OK.
  18. I did test it but it didn't work so I didn't mention it. Great if it works on your store.
  19. @raiwa Works like a charm for me. Well done! You came up very quickly with a solution for both requested features. I also tried with OT discount module before and after sub-total and it worked fine. Also tested prices with and without tax and also all good for me. @milerwan CTRL + A would usually work but it doesn't for this case. 😉
  20. If you intend to select all products couldn't you use the select Categories feature? To select 1000 products or only 10 categories makes a big difference. That won't require such a large list up.
  21. @Rosyweb Hi Ros 1) Yes 2) Yes When you tick for example the check box for Products you will have to choose one or multiple or even all products from the list below that checkbox (small inframe) To select multiple products on a Windows PC just keep holding the CTRL button and click the products that you want to allow to apply that coupon code. To simply select all products just click the very first product and then scroll all the way down and hold the SHIFT button and click the last product on the list now all products within the list should be selected. Then click the save button. If you don't select any product it won't do anything when you click the save button. Same goes for Categories or Manufacturers or Customers.
  22. @raiwa As far I know the "exclude specials" feature only worked when you check any other checkbox (products, categories, manufacturers, customers) except for order total. If you apply a discount on order total it does not check what products are inside it only takes the sub-total value. I just did a quick test and it does work just fine with let's say checked Products and select all products inside it. I am not sure however if the exclude specials feature ever worked with order total in the version that we based this BS on. That would need further investigation but I highly doubt it ever did.
  23. Tsimi

    Custom Product Builder of OSc BS

    @LeeFoster Sorry for chiming in late. Wasn't there an issue about product stock not being subtracted?
  24. As far I know there is a COD (cash on delivery) Order Total module to add fees for the COD payment method. Maybe you can adapt it to make it work with PayPal and instead calling it payment fee name it "handling fee" so that you won't get into any trouble. payment_fee.zip Not long ago I purchased something in Germany and the shop added a PayPal payment fee (3%) at the very end of the order process. They never mentioned anything about a PP fee anywhere inside the shop. I was not pleased but I can't blame them for doing so. Their prices are cheaper then anywhere else even with the PP fee so I didn't complain. However it would have been nice if it would have been mentioned somewhere before going into checkout. I am sure if I would have mentioned this to PP it wouldn't turn out good for them. PP prohibits to charge a PP payment fee. Just make sure you inform your customers about such a fee so that they won't be surprised by it. I know from personal experience that sometimes it is hard to compete with prices and if you have to raise them only to cover the PP fee and for that risk loosing to your competition then I don't see any problem rolling the costs over to the customer. PP charges way too much in certain countries and why should a shop owner not be able to decide what to do with those charged fees boggles my mind. If PP deosn't like that shop owners charge fees for PP payments then PP should do a better job and give fair and decent fees on their transactions, world wide! My wife opened a shop last year and when she applied for PP I was very surprised how high the fees are over here. 3.9%!! The US boys on the other hand have lower fees (2.3 or 2.9% I think) and lot more alternative payment options.
  25. Tsimi

    horizontal megamenu

    @odracirjf No need to download and use the EDGE version. Frozen is just fine. Read the post about the php 7.2 error in the following thread. You can either use my solution or the one offered by raiwa. https://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/408478-horizontal-categories-menu-bs/?page=12