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  1. Ah I see... Will update my fork asap. Thanks for solving this.
  2. @raiwa Hi Rainer I had a bit time today at the office and I downloaded and installed this Points addon into a fresh, new osC Edge shop. Just to see how long it would take and how difficult it would be. Well once done I installed all modules and optional modules. Now when I access the My Account page I get this error As you can see the path to the language file is incomplete. it is missing the "english" part which he should read from ' . $language . ' but it doesn't. If I add $language to the globals I get this Not sure what and why it is happening. I don't have that problem at home on my other local installed setup. Running this on XAMPP php 5.6.21 (Zend: 2.6.0) with MySQL 5.5.5-10.1.13-MariaDB Can you shed some light into this issue? What could be going wrong here? The rest of the test shop runs just fine.
  3. lol, looks like Bonuspunkte is the winner.
  4. @raiwa Pull request generated. Regarding the points it is indeed difficult to decide. I looked at 2 different shops that have such points system and German language in their shops and both say Treuepunkte on every page except for the FAQ page there they call them Bonuspunkte or Bonuspunkte System. Right now I am using Treuepunkte but I can change that anytime. @bonbec Thank you. We could use a French translator if you're up to it....
  5. I gotta take a break for today. I got the my_points.php translated and the FAQ site until Question 3. I always hated language stuff. Catch you later guys... @raiwa You want me to push the latest github changes?
  6. @raiwa What sounds better to you? Treuepunkte Bonuspunkte Loyalitätspunkte or just simple Punkte
  7. @raiwa Yeah, I didn't know either till @LeeFoster mentioned it. That's great, 3 for 1 so to speak. So @LeeFoster didn't need to create new modules for those pages the one you did does the job just fine. I updated my github with the latest changes and updated the txt install manual.
  8. @raiwa Reviews module works just fine and as @LeeFoster pointed out you can use the same call code for product_reviews.php and product_reviews_write.php Oh and btw. translating the FAQ page is a friggin nightmare!
  9. Ah, I see... I was looking for a new module. Duh! I created new modules for the navbar and shopping box because I didn't want to overwrite/replace any files, not even the modules that come with osC from the beginning. Just a simple copy & paste job with new titles and file names and the code changes, done. The only thing that cannot be done as new module is the "pages" account thing. That is kinda weird code. @LeeFoster This is how it works at the moment. If a customer pays the whole order with points only he doesn't get any. Only if he uses partial points. If this something you don't like to give then just set Award points for order with redeemed points -> false and you're good. I also cannot recreate your errors.
  10. @raiwa Hi Rainer I just uploaded a few changes and fixes to my fork. Mostly included the stuff I mentioned before and I also cleaned the (txt) install manual. Added missing new files and added/removed a few steps. Now I will start with the translation but don't hope too much my German is not what it used to be after 11 years over here things tend to get forgotten.
  11. @raiwa @LeeFoster I did a quick test run on the latest package. I created 2 customer accounts so that I am able to test the referral feature. Test 1: Place normal order and see if points are given to customer. Worked as it should. Points stay on pending till confirmed by admin. Test 2: As new customer place an order and enter e-mail address of other customer as referral. Also worked as it should. Referral points stay on pending till confirmed. Order points also given and also staying on pending till confirmed. Test 3: Placing an order and paying the whole amount with points only. In admin -> HT module settings I have the following inside. Award points for order with redeemed points -> True Still points are not given after placing order. (Bug 10? ) Not even sure points should be given at this point since the whole amount was paid in points. And the item is basically free of charge. Test 4: Placing order and this time covering only partial of total with points. This time points are given and stay pending till confirmed. Test 5: Write review for a purchased product. Worked as should, points are in Referral staying pending till confirmed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other things I mentioned Missing text definition in Points payment module define('TEXT_POINTS', 'Points'); *********************************************** Missing footer module? ************************************************ Text definition in products_reviews.php and product_reviews_writing.php is missing define('REVIEW_HELP_LINK', ' Write a Review and earn <b>%s</b> worth of points.<br />Please check the %s for more information.'); In both files this following code needs to be removed <?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '100%', '10'); ?> ************************************************* This is all till now. I cannot test the PayPal Standard stuff and also the e-mails.
  12. I just wanted to install and test your latest package. I did a complete new install in a clean shop. It is missing the HT module file. The old HT language file has been accidentally been put inside the includes/modules/HT/ section That is why no HT module is showing to install. As soon you upload the HT module file I can continue with testing. Also, Inside the modified files folders the application_top file still has the show all error feature activated // error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE); error_reporting(E_ALL); // if (defined('E_DEPRECATED')) { // error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED); // } And something that can be added/adjusted later is this Inside includes/languages/english/hooks/shop/points/points_hooks.php FIND define('TEXT_REDEEM_SYSTEM_PAYING', 'Please select points payment to pay your entire order with your points. (%s points %s) <i class="fa fa-arrow-right"></i>'); REPLACE WITH define('TEXT_REDEEM_SYSTEM_PAYING', 'Please select the <strong>Points</strong> payment method to pay your entire order with your points. (%s points %s)');
  13. Point 1 Not needed anymore as you pointed out module can be installed or not installed. Point 2 Module is better I think. Point 3 Same here module would be better.