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  1. Thanks for your feedback @raiwa . I agree it would be great if the image could be removed if deleted through the product_attributes page. I'll have a closer look at it. Regards, Lambros
  2. As Dan mentioned sort order is important. It is even mentioned inside the install manual. If you change the sort order the discount addon might not work properly.
  3. Thanks guys! @@marcello Yeah, hooks or header tags modules to inject code would be great. There are like 20 code changes in the catalog area alone so if we could get those reduced that would be fantastic. There are also a few bugs that need attention.
  4. @@milerwan Yes, that's normal. Shipping can only be calculated in % so no matter if you enter 100 or 100% it is the same.
  5. @@CGhoST Not sure what a message stack alert would achieve. Do you want to prevent the customer from continuing their checkout process if the code is wrong? There are already icons in place that show if the code is valid or not. But if you want to have something more fool proof then as @@BrockleyJohn mentioned an empty button could be placed and the customer clicks on it after entering the code to validate it. Additional to that a small message could be displayed instead of the icons. Open your ../ht_discount_code/ht_discount_code.php file and replace all with this <?php /* $Id$ osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions Copyright (c) 2017 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License Discount Code 4.2 BS */ ?> <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () { $('div.contentContainer div.contentText .form-group').parent().before('<h2><?php echo TEXT_DISCOUNT_CODE; ?></h2><div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-5">\n\ <span id="discount_code_status"></span>\n\ <div class="form-inline">\n\ <div class="form-group has-feedback">\n\ <input type="text" class="form-control" style="width:225px;" name="discount_code" value="<?php echo isset($sess_discount_code) ? $sess_discount_code : ''; ?>" id="discount_code" />\n\ <input class="btn btn-default" style="margin-top:-4px;" type="button" value="Apply">\n\ </div>\n\ </div>\n\ </div> \n\ <div class="clearfix"></div><hr>'); var a = 0; discount_code_process(); $('#discount_code').blur(function () { if (a == 0) discount_code_process(); a = 0 }); $("#discount_code").keypress(function (event) { if (event.which == 13) { event.preventDefault(); a = 1; discount_code_process(); } }); function discount_code_process() { if ($("#discount_code").val() != "") { $("#discount_code").attr("readonly", "readonly"); $.post("discount_code.php", {discount_code: $("#discount_code").val()}, function (data) { data == 1 ? $("#discount_code_status").empty().append('<div class="alert alert-success discount-alert"><i class="fa fa-check fa-lg" style="color:#00b100;"></i> <?php echo TEXT_DISCOUNT_CODE_SUCCESS;?><div>') : $("#discount_code_status").empty().append('<div class="alert alert-danger discount-alert"><i class="fa fa-ban fa-lg" style="color:#ff2800;"></i> <?php echo TEXT_DISCOUNT_CODE_ERROR;?><div>'); $("#discount_code").removeAttr("readonly"); }); } } }); </script> I don't know why but I cannot post a margin-left css code here. Just add .discount-alert with a margin-left and margin-right of -15px; into your user.css file and finally add the language definitions into your english.php or whatever language you use. define('TEXT_DISCOUNT_CODE_SUCCESS', 'Discount Code is valid.'); define('TEXT_DISCOUNT_CODE_ERROR', 'Discount Code is wrong or does not exist.'); Done! I hope that looks more professional.
  6. Thanks guys. How stupid of me to forget. You are after all shop owners first. I don't have a shop anymore so kinda forgot what it means to be busy on both fronts. I'll keep working on it.
  7. @@goyan Product Info In product_info.php add this where ever you need. Wrap in <div> or <p> tags if needed. <?php echo TABLE_HEADING_QUANTITY . ' ' . tep_get_products_stock($product_info['products_id']); ?> Grid view (Specials and Product Listing) In user.css add /* show product quantity */ .grid-group-item .list-group-item-text { display:initial; text-align: left; } .grid-group-item .dl-horizontal dt { text-align: left; width: 100px; } .grid-group-item .dl-horizontal dd { margin-left: 0px; } New products add the following code where you want to show quantity Need to add this into 2 file catalog/includes/modules/index/templates/ catalog/includes/modules/index_nested/templates/category_new_products.php Wrap in <div> or <p> tags if needed. <?php echo TABLE_HEADING_QUANTITY . ' ' . tep_get_products_stock($new_products['products_id']); ?> Shopping Cart Shopping Cart shows already quantity.
  8. @@burt hey G I was looking through some files in Edge and realized that there is still the new_products.php file inside the modules folder. (catalog/includes/modules/new_products.php) Isn't that obsolete? Now with the index and index_nested modules.
  9. Anyone had a look at my beta package? 3 downloads only? seems like this whole point system is not so popular I guess. :rolleyes: @@burt Thanks again for your e-mail G! :thumbsup:
  10. The order editor is an obsolete addon but unfortunately the only order editor out there. I would say use the order editor for simple things, like adding removing products or fixing billing and shipping addresses. And for the rest like discounts or vouchers or points or whatever doesn't work use a dummy account with master password and place the order for the customer.
  11. In my second code sample i showed you there is a mistake. It should say top 10px and not top 0. <span class="form-control-feedback" id="discount_code_status" style="right:0;top:10px;"></span>\n\
  12. Did you add position:relative; like raiwa mentioned?
  13. On my setup it worked by just adding top:0; But a quick google search revealed that others with similar issues added position:relative; to get it working with Firefox
  14. Can once remove that css code from the user.css and open the ht_discount_code.php file which is inside the ht_discount_code folder. Look for this line <span class="form-control-feedback" id="discount_code_status" style="right:0;"></span>\n\ and add an inline css like this <span class="form-control-feedback" id="discount_code_status" style="right:0;top:0;"></span>\n\
  15. Did you clear the cache? (Ctrl+F5) There is no reason why that css should be working on one browser but not the other. Before I wrote that code I tested it on Firefox (v53) since that is my default browser and it worked just fine.