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    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    The add-on title is missleading. Maybe in the past there was a time where URLs did matter for Google or other search engines. Now it doesn't seem to matter anymore. But then again who knows when google will change that again. And as mentioned there are many other search engines out there and there other factors might have more weight. People come here and tell crap about something they don't 100% understand and tell everyone that what they say is right and everything else is wrong. Burt knows osC code better than any of us. Sure he might not be always right but he is at least open to be proven wrong. They were not. I just proved using their own evidence that things are not what they thought. Burt included the SEO stuff into the EDGE version and I am sure he did his homework prior to that to ensure that what he installs is correct. If URLs would have mattered I am sure he would have installed something for it into EDGE.
  2. Tsimi

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    I just quote from google All what google says is they recommend or say it is good practice to make the URLs read-friendly so that customers/users can read or use the URL as link or navigation guide. It doesn't say one word that it will improve your SEO because of that. Google just says you should keep it organized. Another quote Again, no mention of SEO benefit. Visitor friendly does not equal better SEO or SEO results. Lastly, everyone can do what they want with their shop site it is their website and they should know what their customers might want. Look at Amazon, eBay or some other big shop they all have different URLs, some long, some short, some easier to read, some are super long and complicated. Important is that the "real" SEO stuff in your shop is working as it should then you'll end up getting good search results. So what @burt said isn't wrong at all. User friendly URLs have nothing to do with SEO.
  3. Tsimi

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    LMFAO! Holy cow. I just spilled my coffee out of my mouth when I read through here. Especially the last post is epic. Hey @burt if they want to install that damn add-on to make their URLs look nice let them. You other guys should really do better research before coming here and say this and that. Just look at the big stores and you "should" understand what burt meant. Let's take Amazon for example, go to one of their products and look at the URL. Does it look nice or friendly? No, not at all. But copy and paste that product name and search for it in google. What you will see is amazon somewhere in the top search result. Take a close look at it. You'll see no long URL as it had in the product page at amazon.
  4. Tsimi

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    @mickamber Hi Maz I guess you're trying to insert the database entries using the Import feature via phpMyAdmin? Which means you click on the Browse... button and select the sql file. First you need to remove the new field inside the configuration_group table. Browse to the configuration_group table and look for the Option Types field. Delete it. Once that is done try to upload the sql file again but this time uncheck/ the checkbox of the following option. Do not use AUTO_INCREMENT for zero values
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Glad it works now.
  6. Do you have a link to that held orders add-on?
  7. Then I am relieved to hear. I thought I might have missed something. Could an add-on like QTPro have an effect on the discount codes add-on?
  8. Try to setup a fresh osC Edge test shop and install the latest Discount BS addon and see if it works or not. If it does then you might have a conflict in your store. Maybe @raiwa knows what is going. I am out of ideas at this point and can only keep guessing.
  9. Did you check the database for that discount code with the Euro sign? Is it still present? Empty the contents of the discount_codes table in the database. If that doesn't do it restart from scratch. Remove all current files and modules and reinstall a fresh copy of Discount Codes BS 4.2.1
  10. Maybe there is some old code left? Or a conflict with an other addon? Hard to tell since I cannot recreate the same problem. I would start from scratch, meaning try to uninstall the Discount Codes BS stuff. Make sure all code, even the manual edits and Database stuff, is removed and then install fresh the latest version 4.2.1 Older versions of this addon maybe required more manual code changes? Or it might have not overwritten one of the older files? But I would recommend to do this after a good nights sleep. What is it now over there, 4:00am? A fresh mind solves sometimes things that you couldn't see before in a tired state.
  11. Did you perhaps upgrade from an older Discount Codes BS version to the latest 4.2.1 or did you directly install v4.2.1? Just for testing purposes could you once use a different shipping method? Maybe flat rate or per item?
  12. I see... I need to try and recreate your problem but I need more info on your shop setup. Taxes, Prices show with or without tax, Discount Code setup like on sub-total or on certain products? and so on... I have this addon installed into a slightly modified Edge shop and I don't get this issue.
  13. Hmmm... not sure what is happening exactly. If you use version 4.2.1 then it should not happen. You say it was working before and now suddenly it doesn't anymore? Did you do any code changes recently to the files that are affected by the add-on? Can you tell me your exact discount code setup so that I can try to recreate it.
  14. @Omar_one Which version of the add-on are you currently using?
  15. Tsimi

    State Selector for BS

    @brian_cee Just hide the country input field if you only ship domestic. You can hide it by using the hidden class. See link below. class="hidden"
  16. HUGE! interest here. osC lacks a good order editor that is simple coded and not cluttered with unused old code.
  17. I was wondering if anyone out there ever created a quote or get a quote addon. The only one available is rather old. What such an quote addon should do is the following; - A logged in customer selects a product with various options/attributes (on the product_info page) and sends then a quote request via e-mail to the shop owner. - The shop owner should then be able to add/remove/edit that quote request or even create a new product for that quote and send the quote or link to product back to the customer. - Only the customer that had send that quote request will be able to see the new quote and order that product. Is something like that available? No matter if it is a free or commercial solution. If it is a commercial solution let me know via PM.
  18. Tsimi

    Quotes addon/app?

    @Jack_mcs Yeah, your addon was the one I was referring to. It does most of what I need but it is not up to date and it would take some time to get it BS ready and a bit modularized. My wife makes custom products and such a quotes feature would be exactly what she needs. I had a quick look at it and most of the files need some coding update and some of the functions like the SQL stuff could be installed via HT module or Content module. I could try to further improve it but I thought I ask first if someone had such work done already. No need to reinvent the wheel. Or any other quotes solution besides that addon is welcome even if it is a commercial solution as long it does what your addon does but compatible with BS Edge.
  19. If the 40% are applied to the subtotal (excluding shipping) then the current result is correct. 10% of 300 is 30. Then multiply by 4 = 120. Or 299.99 x 0.60 - 299.99 = 119.996 which gets rounded up to 120. So as Dan Cole mentioned it is correct.
  20. @fiddlehead Open the following file catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/order_total/ot_shipping.php and search for this language definition define('FREE_SHIPPING_DESCRIPTION', 'Free shipping for orders over %s');
  21. @fiddlehead Hi What advice did you follow? What version of osC are you running?
  22. @discxpress You could link to a info page that explains more about the referral system. Advertising it is always a good thing that might benefit your store. Adding a link into the product page shouldn't be difficult at all. The question is would it be overkill? To advertise on the main page (index.php) or some social media site OK but on every single product page?
  23. @raiwa Sorry for the delay. Version 1.2 is uploaded and available now.
  24. @dnbvinyl Thanks for the feedback.
  25. @raiwa OK, I will go through the manuals and also check the files to make sure the version numbers are correct. Not sure the new release will make it today. I have to do some other work first, but I try to do it asap.