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  1. @radhavallabh https://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/412855-product-quantity-selection/?do=findComment&comment=1769468
  2. To be honest, don't know. I haven't looked at it for a very long time. I just asked about the file set and store version so that i can try it out in the same setup as you did.
  3. I have never used that file set before so can't say. But I would guess SSL has nothing to do with the modal not popping up. What's the store version? Frozen or Edge?
  4. @LeeFoster Which file set did you install? Link?
  5. @tttim6575 I highly doubt you'll get an answer here from the previous people. This is an old topic with the last answer dating back to 2012. There are however 2 config files. catalog/includes/config.php (front store side) catalog/admin/includes/config.php (admin side)
  6. Hi Andrea Try this following; Open your admin/stats_keywords.php file FIND <!-- bof function delete --> <td class="dataTableHeadingContent" align="center"><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_DELETE; ?></td> <!-- eof function delete --> REPLACE WITH <!-- bof function delete --> <td class="dataTableHeadingContent" align="left"><input type="checkbox" onClick="toggle(this)" /> Toggle All<br/></td> <!-- eof function delete --> AT THE VERY END OF THE FILE ADD <script> function toggle(source) { checkboxes = document.getElementsByName('update_keyword_list[]'); for(var i=0, n=checkboxes.length;i<n;i++) { checkboxes[i].checked = source.checked; } } </script> To keep everything nicely aligned FIND <!-- bof function delete --> <td class="dataTableContent" align="center"> <?php echo tep_draw_checkbox_field('update_keyword_list[]', $keywords['search_text']); ?> </td> <!-- eof function delete --> REPLACE WITH <!-- bof function delete --> <td class="dataTableContent" align="left"> <?php echo tep_draw_checkbox_field('update_keyword_list[]', $keywords['search_text']); ?> </td> <!-- eof function delete --> Hope that helps.
  7. Check the language file for the price product info module. ../includes/languages/english/modules/content/product_info/cm_pi_price.php const MODULE_CONTENT_PI_PRICE_DISPLAY_SPECIAL = '<del>%2$s</del> <span class="productPrice text-danger productSpecialPrice">%1$s</span>';
  8. Did you see my answer (4 posts up) from 4. December 2015? Did you try that?
  9. @Demitry Ok, I had a look at my specials code and it is not what you are looking for. Actually it is same as the see more button currently inside the Featured Products BS add-on. But I started to do some research and found a solution. It was easier than I thought. You need to use a select count(*) query to get the current total amount of featured products and you only want to get the ones that are set to f.status 1 So this is what I came up with Open your index module featured file FIND: if (tep_db_num_rows($featured_products_query) > 0) { // Show only if we still have products in the array ADD BEFORE: $featured_count_query = tep_db_query("select count(*) as total from featured WHERE status = '1'"); $featured_count = tep_db_fetch_array($featured_count_query); Now you can use this here to hide/show the button. if ($featured_count['total'] > MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_CONTENT_LIMIT) { BUTTON CODE HERE } Let me know if that works for you.
  10. @Demitry I did something similar long time ago for my specials on the index page. Show a certain amount of specials on the index page and a button that says Show All which redirects to the specials.php page. I will have to dig it out since I don't remember which shop I did that for. Give me some time and I'll get back to you.
  11. Tsimi

    Payment fee

    @Shoppertroppen Download the zip package from my post here.
  12. @raiwa Yes, the version number is OK.
  13. I did test it but it didn't work so I didn't mention it. Great if it works on your store.
  14. @raiwa Works like a charm for me. Well done! You came up very quickly with a solution for both requested features. I also tried with OT discount module before and after sub-total and it worked fine. Also tested prices with and without tax and also all good for me. @milerwan CTRL + A would usually work but it doesn't for this case. 😉
  15. If you intend to select all products couldn't you use the select Categories feature? To select 1000 products or only 10 categories makes a big difference. That won't require such a large list up.