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  1. You don't want to change core bootstrap code. Those classes that you changed can affect other places too. Using a custom class like maruko is the way to handle this without affecting other places of your store.
  2. @ArtcoInc Sorry for getting so late back to you regarding this menu stuff. Inside the ../templates/catmenu.php file you added a class named maruko? If so try to add the following above inside the <style> tags. li, .maruko, li { min-width: 100px; } Tell me if this fixes it for you. It did for me.
  3. Hi Malcolm You are persistent, aren't you. :) Do you have the code or module for download somewhere so that we can install this? Have you tried to set a min-width to prevent it from shrinking?
  4. Done! Uploaded new package (Option Types BS v1.2) which includes the (int) fix by bonbec.
  5. @bonbec Thanks for your feedback and help. Maybe it happens with certain MySQL versions? You and Howard are the first ones to mention this bug. If more people should have the same issue I will include your fix into the next addon update.
  6. @HowardR So I installed it into the latest osC EDGE version and I cannot recreate your error. My test shop runs on MySQL 5.5.5-10 and PHP version 5.6.21. I must say the addon was not up to date. It contained a lot old code. I will upload a new version after this and I hope it will work also for the latest EDGE from now on. Please try bonbecs solution once and report back.
  7. Hmmm... and I thought I had everything fixed to run with Edge. I haven't tested this addon with the latest Edge version but I'll do that tonight and see if I can recreate that error. As raiwa already said instead of adding those definitions try to replace them with the correct paths. I'll report back asap.
  8. @raiwa Updated to 1.5 and all is good. Sorry Rainer but today I don't have my best day. I guess I should call it a night and go grab a couple of beers. I am not much of a help today, sorry.
  9. It's an old version but yes. Let me quickly update to the latest 1.5 just to be sure.
  10. Because in Gold I get this now after I change an image from lets say black.jpg to red.jpg
  11. Have you tested this with Gold and Edge?
  12. @raiwa Please read above post.
  13. Yup, javascript enabled. Browser: Firefox 54 When I add or remove new options the ajax feature works just fine. No page refresh. Only when I start to edit the image stuff it kicks me out to the categories page. UPDATE: It seems to work in Chrome though. (Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)) UPDATE OF UPDATE: I have no idea what the (censored) just happened but now it does work in Firefox. I hit ctrl+F5 once just to make sure and it works now. I did clear the cache before but it didn't change anything. Oh well, I guess problem solved? Whatever it was. Sorry for letting you chase a ghost bug.
  14. I'll check again...