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  1. [Addon} Modular Front Page

    @ce7 Last time I checked the Edge version has already the index call inside the index.php file. <div class="row"> <?php echo $oscTemplate->getContent('index'); ?> </div> So installing the Nivo Slider inside the index area should be straight forward. Just drop the files into the ..includes/modules/content/index/ folder and activate. It depends where you want to show that slider header, footer, front page or index (isn't the front page and the index page the same? ) anyways, yeah just upload the right files into the right folders and activate or setup through the admin area.
  2. A modular shopping cart page could benefit a lot shop owners and add-on creators. It would be only logical to go that one last step. Or at least have the module call in there like the product info page has to load the reviews block. That way new modular add-on pieces could be called like shipping estimator, discount codes, your continue shopping button and so on...
  3. @kymation Is this add-on (version 2.1a) PHP 7 compatible?
  4. @raiwa New version uploaded. I changed all FA icons to the latest v5 standards. Even though there were no issues with the regular coded FA icons yet just changed them too just in case. For example; going from fa fa-list to fas fa-list Only Edge shops after 11th February need that new update. Older Edge shops should can keep using the v1.3.2
  5. Imprint input options

    The Option Types BS add-on needs an update. There are many new changes in the latest Edge version. Will do this asap.
  6. Yeah I needed to install this for someone yesterday and saw the problem. I had it fixed already but didn't uploaded yet. Will do asap. Thanks.
  7. Imprint input options

    You should ask in the support topic of that add-on here Not sure anyone will answer though the last entry there was in 2013. Whitehat mentioned something about a session issue here. I don't know what osCommerce version you are using but you might wanna uninstall this add-on and use something like Option Types instead. Be aware that Option Types requires you to change a lot core code.
  8. Are you uploading the sql file via the import function or are you copy&pasting the sql code and then running it? Check your configuration_group table if there is an entry with the configuration_group_id 12954 already in there. If yes delete that entry and try to rund the sql file or code again.
  9. @Michalis2421 When you import the sql file in phpMyAdmin uncheck Do not use AUTO_INCREMENT for zero values and try it again.
  10. What about the math solution that we talked about in the past? (What is the sum of X and X?) It looks simple and everyone, I hope, can count numbers right?
  11. HoneyPot Captcha

    @ArtcoInc And what an important 1000 post it was. I would have expected something like "HURRAY! Post #1000!"
  12. Just as information, the bootstrap css files inside the theme switcher add-on are not up to date. You will have to download the latest theme files for each one. Latest bootstrap used inside EDGE at the moment is v3.3.7 Check here
  13. Try this and keep an eye on it if it doesn't cause any other issues. This following code change should make the most expensive shipping selected by default. Open catalog/includes/classes/shipping.php FIND: (around line 108) if ($rates[$i]['cost'] < $cheapest['cost']) { REPLACE WITH: //if ($rates[$i]['cost'] < $cheapest['cost']) { if ($rates[$i]['cost'] > $cheapest['cost']) {
  14. You should not touch the bootstrap.min.css or the custom.css at all. Any custom css changes should be added to the users.css file which will overwrite the bootstrap.min.css and custom.css files.