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  1. Tsimi

    Custom Product Builder of OSc BS

    @LeeFoster Sorry for chiming in late. Wasn't there an issue about product stock not being subtracted?
  2. As far I know there is a COD (cash on delivery) Order Total module to add fees for the COD payment method. Maybe you can adapt it to make it work with PayPal and instead calling it payment fee name it "handling fee" so that you won't get into any trouble. payment_fee.zip Not long ago I purchased something in Germany and the shop added a PayPal payment fee (3%) at the very end of the order process. They never mentioned anything about a PP fee anywhere inside the shop. I was not pleased but I can't blame them for doing so. Their prices are cheaper then anywhere else even with the PP fee so I didn't complain. However it would have been nice if it would have been mentioned somewhere before going into checkout. I am sure if I would have mentioned this to PP it wouldn't turn out good for them. PP prohibits to charge a PP payment fee. Just make sure you inform your customers about such a fee so that they won't be surprised by it. I know from personal experience that sometimes it is hard to compete with prices and if you have to raise them only to cover the PP fee and for that risk loosing to your competition then I don't see any problem rolling the costs over to the customer. PP charges way too much in certain countries and why should a shop owner not be able to decide what to do with those charged fees boggles my mind. If PP deosn't like that shop owners charge fees for PP payments then PP should do a better job and give fair and decent fees on their transactions, world wide! My wife opened a shop last year and when she applied for PP I was very surprised how high the fees are over here. 3.9%!! The US boys on the other hand have lower fees (2.3 or 2.9% I think) and lot more alternative payment options.
  3. Tsimi

    horizontal megamenu

    @odracirjf No need to download and use the EDGE version. Frozen is just fine. Read the post about the php 7.2 error in the following thread. You can either use my solution or the one offered by raiwa. https://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/408478-horizontal-categories-menu-bs/?page=12
  4. Tsimi

    Checkout confirmation blank white page

    There is no official osC BS version of the Fancier Invoice add-on. There is only one older version released by Mort-lemur which is not compatible with Edge or Frozen. You will have to fix/change the files and some code from the install manual for it to work. I say it again, check the code change from step 6 in the install manual from my package make sure it is same and also check the paths at the beginning of the email_invoice.php file. There is no point in looking at other files at least not at this point. Fix the invoice add-on first and if that doesn't fix it THEN start to look into other files.
  5. Tsimi

    Checkout confirmation blank white page

    Thank you raiwa! Feels like talking to a wall here.
  6. Tsimi

    Checkout confirmation blank white page

    Something is off here. You say it worked before but now suddenly not anymore? 🤔 The error shown would suggest that it never worked at least not as it is now. As I said before depending on your osC Bootstrap version you will have to amend certain paths inside the add-on files. There is also a code addition inside the checkout_process.php file which calls for a add-on file. If that path is wrong then you might encounter issues during checkout. There are 3 major osC Bootstrap releases Gold, Edge and Frozen. If you don't know which you have then check if you have a filenames.php file inside the includes folder. If not then we know it isn't the Gold version. So that will leave us with Edge and Frozen which are similar build when it comes to the filenames and configure.php files. Here is a package I created a while back for someone else which used an Edge shop. Fancier Invoice BS.zip compare the files especially the email_invoice.php file and Step 6 (checkout_process.php) in the install manual.
  7. Tsimi

    Checkout confirmation blank white page

    Who did the Fancy Invoice add-on install? And when was that? The reason I ask is that add-on is not a simple install anymore on a Frozen or Edge shop. There are several paths that need to be changed in some certain add-on files to make it work.
  8. @Demitry role="navigation" is stock bootstrap code. Not sure for what but it is used for the nav-bar element. Guess it can be removed for the horizontal menu. If the catMenu ID isn't used anywhere inside the css file or anywhere else you can remove it.
  9. try to add this to your user.css .footer { border:none; } Regarding keeping the footer same width as the body. It will require a small core code change. Open your ../includes/template_bottom.php file and look for this following code </div> <!-- row --> </div> <!-- bodyWrapper //--> <?php require('includes/footer.php'); ?> Now change that to this <?php require('includes/footer.php'); ?> </div> <!-- row --> </div> <!-- bodyWrapper //--> We just wrapped the footer area inside the bodyWrapper class. Meaning when you choose either container or container-fluid the footer will adjust same as the body area does. However I personally think it looks a bit odd. Because you will most likely have a full width header and a narrow body and footer which does kinda look unbalanced but then again this is entirely subjective. I would at least go with full width header footer and narrow body if I'd have to as it was intended with the stock BS setup.
  10. Tsimi

    Option Images

    Have a look at my zip package which i posted in this thread.
  11. @ce7 Ah! Now I understand. Looks like the dropdown is a bit short for your setup. Please open the following file ../includes/modules/content/header/templates/catmenu.php FIND .menu_custom_width { min-width: 200px; } change the pixel number to something more matching for you. Maybe try 230px or 250px? Also please update the font awesome path inside the templates_top.php file Look here
  12. @ce7 I lost you there. What do you mean with "show the tiers of sub categories"? I thought the horizontal menu shows subcategories. If you want a mouse over or so called hover menu then look at this post here
  13. Is there a module or implementation for image caption for a BS shop? Image caption = show text over the image when popped up As far I know the HTML content input field is meant to add videos right?