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  1. Sam, thanks for the amazing contribution! I am very new to oscommerce and this forum. I have all the fancybox and add/remove image working. But I have an issue. If I upload a bigger image(ex, 300x300) than what my options are: --- Small Image Width 200 Small Image Height 200 Heading Image Width 108 Heading Image Height 108 Subcategory Image Width 110 Subcategory Image Height110 Calculate Image Size true/false (tried both options) --- the thumbnails don't get resized from 300x300 to 200x200. They're just kept at the bigger image. Is there a section of the script where you might be able to direct me to? For some reason, this only happens to the additional images, the thumbnail auto resizing works for the main image...just the additional image won't work. I hope I can get some help! Thank you so much! Jae