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  1. egweimai

    One Page Checkout Support

    the store is kopela.co.uk and one of the products causing the problem is kopela.co.uk/rimmel-stay-matte-pressed-powder-p-96.html thanks for taking a look! :)
  2. egweimai

    One Page Checkout Support

    Thanks for reply. My store is in english! lol ButI dont understand why part of the top part works fine, but the bottom doesnt of the one page checkout.....
  3. egweimai

    One Page Checkout Support

    Ive got a bit of a problem.... my products_final.php is replacing certain characters with funny symbols.... (its a little square with 00(at top) 96(at bottom) in it) The thing is, the same character displays correctly under the cart section (cart.php) Any ideas?
  4. egweimai

    One Page Checkout Help

    EDIT Sorry wrong topic!
  5. egweimai

    MSRP on product_listing

    i dont understand what you mean.... i only want to the way categories and displayed and the just arrived page. I want them to look like (includes/new_products.php)
  6. egweimai

    MSRP on product_listing

    thanks for the reply, but i want to fix the product_listing to make it look like new_products.php sorry if i didnt make this clear in my first post....
  7. Hello I have installed the MSRP addon but it displays differently through new_products (on index) to (product_listing) eg when browsing by category My index page display a nice RRP: £XXX and Savings line at the bottom left of the product box On category browse it just adds a small price next to the real price. I have tried comparing code between the two files but have not got anywhere. Anyone got any ideas or solutions?
  8. egweimai

    [CONTRIBUTION] Nochex APC Payment Module

    Anyone know if this works with 2.2RCa?
  9. egweimai

    One Page Checkout Support

    I have replaced the cart.php with the one from the previous version (so that the quantity doesnt refres automatically) but now I have to press enter to update..... any idea how i can get the update button back on there?
  10. egweimai

    One Page Checkout Support

    I also was having the same problem, and followed the advice above (replace cart.php with prev version) but you have to press enter for it to update. any way I can get the update button on there?
  11. egweimai

    One Page Checkout Support

    hello i am running 2.2RCa with STS. Also have one page checkout installed (v1.2) but I cant get the change address buttons to work. Any ideas?
  12. egweimai

    Second address line module

    do you know where address_book_process gets the fields from? In an attempt to discover this, I have removed the name, first line address field which are before the code I added from the contrib in the address_book_process.php file BUT they did not remove these fields from the page..... this makes me believe that address_book_process must draw the fields from another place/file....
  13. Hello I have installed the above module (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1855) on a fresh install of a sts rc2.2a It works like a charm on create_account.php in admin and in address_book.php (it displays correctly) However, on address_book_process.php, desite having followed install instructions to the word, it does not display the second line field. This happens when a user tries to edit their current address (which has a 2nd street line) but also when adding a new address to their address book. I have noticed that it only displays those fields which are mandatory (street line 2, isnt)... i dont know if thats got anything to do with it.... Anyway, any help would be good! Thanks
  14. Hello I have the standard OSC 2.2 RCa installed. However, I want to install an optional "address line 2" field. How can I do this?