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  1. First of all - love this addon, great work! But I have a few problems with it. I have loaded all the images into my shop, they are displaying fine, and in admin side they are shown when selecting product: http://screencast.com/t/MnwumJe0xv but after some manipulation (either thumbnail cleanup or something) they are not shown in admins edit panel: http://screencast.com/t/kHO7uUj6C8N If I add new images, the old one is just not used anymore and is not displayed. Although I have no idea why - some of the old images are displayed correctly. Second problem is opi_thumbnails.php is not reacting to any changes in configuration. I change this and that, but the thumbnails and the main images stay the same. Could this have to do with file permissions and opi_thumbnails not beeing able to overwrite old files? Is there a way to enable logging, so I can see what opi thumbnails did and where were the errors? And the last problem - is it possible to make this plugin take the information from current database entry images, re-do the image and save the new image as well as new database input? I am asking because I add my information with EasyPopulate through CSV file and I would love to state that image field is 1.jpg and then tell OPI - do the magic! and it would rewrite all files automatically? Otherwise there is a lot of manual click-click-click work involved.
  2. Hi, guys, I am using the contribution and there is one thing that I used to have with other contribution on other install (do not remember which one) which I really miss with more pics. If first image is img1.jpg, then if I upload img1_1.jpg img1_2.jpg img1_3.jpg img1_4.jpg they all show up as images for the product, no need to manually add them via admin. I have large amounts of secondary images to upload and it is a pain to do it thorugh admin. Is there a way to enable this for more pics?