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    CotswoldEngraver got a reaction from leatherdealer in Ebay manager   
    Have just installed what looks like is going to be a very useful addition.
    I keep getting the following error whenever I try to add any info from ebay:
    : XML Parse error.
    XML Error Text: "; nested exception is: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The reference to entity "response_type" must end with the ';' delimiter.".
    I have all of the keys generated correctly (or so it seems), any assistance would be gratefully received.
    Kind regards Andy
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    CotswoldEngraver reacted to OSC-Sevilla in AJAX Attribute Manager support   
    Sussefully integrated this addon to Ajax attributes!! now i can enter attribute code and store them, save them to templates etc.
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    CotswoldEngraver reacted to Guest in Credit Class & Gift Vouchers (CCGV) for 2.3.1   
    After several days digging in the forum for version 5.23, I found that someone more than a year ago found that the $order_total_modules variable was not declared in line 396 of the function before_process(). If you insert that variable in that line, it seems to work fine. Has no one else run into that problem since then? It was never fixed in the files. I don't know how to add it into the download package, but maybe someone else can.