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    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Hi all. Just a quick query. I have recently installed a couple of new contributions and the sort order for my attribute drop down box has changed albeit not on every product. I have checked the sort order in the product attributes in admin and all is ok in there but on the catalog side the sort order is wrong on some products but right on others. Can anyone tell me which file I need to be looking at to find out where the fault is? The new contributions were Actual product price in attribute and add weight to product attributes. Example of the problem can be found at www.aseawards.co.uk
  2. CotswoldEngraver

    PHP Intrusion Detection System for osCommerce

    First of all thanks for a great contribution. Installed the contribution ok and ran the installer script. I have an issue when testing. I have performed test one ok without issue. The test has completed and my ip logged. I cannot perform test 2. When i put the code into the main catalogue url i get the following error. Internet Explorer cannot read this webpage format a 406 page error is generated. I have checked the code incase i have misplaced anything but it all seems ok. Any help would be much appreciated Regards Andy
  3. CotswoldEngraver

    Credit Card option not given in Paypal standard

    I have the option to accept credit/debit cards on the website and have the standard paypal account. The option to accept credit/debit cards is in my profile under the 'website payment preferences' option; 'paypal account optional' preference.