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  1. CotswoldEngraver

    CSV feed import renaming file question

    Hi both. Many thanks for your pointers on this topic. After much experimenting I finally have a working version that sorts the files in the folder uploaded by my supplier, takes the newest one and then copies it back to the folder with a new static filename. The add on then just looks for the static filename and uploads that in to the website to update the product quantities. I have included the additional code in to the Get Product Quantity script so the whole process runs automatically via a cron at midnight every night. Although it is a small modification I am very pleased as this is the first time I have created a piece of code from scratch! Thanks for your pointers.
  2. CotswoldEngraver

    CSV feed import renaming file question

    thanks burt. I'll look in to those
  3. CotswoldEngraver

    CSV feed import renaming file question

    Not sure if this is possible to achieve but here goes. I have a data feed for stock level from my supplier. The suppliers csv file is 'placed' in a folder by my supplier once a day which I then use to update my stock levels via the Get Price Quantity Update Feed using a cron. This all works absolutely fine. The issue I have is that my suppliers csv filename changes every day because they use a date stamp as the filename. The folder where the csv is stored will have the latest file stored in a list of previously uploaded files in date order. I have asked them if they can supply me with a fixed filename but this is not possible as the file is generated by their stock control system daily and needs to be the date and time for their stock tracking. Now to my question; is there a way of automatically renaming the file before importing it in to my site so that the add on can read a static filename? Can this be done with a standalone php file and a cron or would a line in my htaccess file work? All help gratefully received. Kind regards Andy
  4. CotswoldEngraver

    Ebay manager

    Have just installed what looks like is going to be a very useful addition. I keep getting the following error whenever I try to add any info from ebay: EBAY_ERROR_MSG : XML Parse error. XML Error Text: "; nested exception is: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The reference to entity "response_type" must end with the ';' delimiter.". I have all of the keys generated correctly (or so it seems), any assistance would be gratefully received. Kind regards Andy
  5. I have been using this contribution to update stock levels from my suppliers for many years without problem. My suppliers place a stock level csv file on our server and the contrib reads that data in to the database. I have just taken on a new supplier who sends their stock level csv through twice a day but the file name is the timestamp for when the file was created so changes every time it is downloaded from their site. Does anyone know of a way to automatically change the filename to something constant so that the contribution can read the file without me having to modify the filename in the contrib every time I want to update the stock levels. Kind regards Andy
  6. CotswoldEngraver

    SEO Friendly Urls - a new approach

    Hi I have installed the add on and got everything working, including the mod above but I now find that the breadcrumb is missing from my product page and the product details are all on the left of the screen. I am using osc 2.3.4 BS Not sure what is is that would be blocking the breadcrumb trail from showing, any tips greatly appreciated. I can post a code snippet that may help. Kind regards Andy
  7. CotswoldEngraver

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    still looking for help with getting this excellent add on to work on my 2.3.4 store. A text area product attribute will not display in my shopping cart and the attribute price is not added to the item cost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. CotswoldEngraver

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    I have a problem in my 2.3.4 store when entering text in to a text field on the product info page. After many hours modifying the 2012 v2.3.1 version I have got it working as far as being able to input text in to the text box on the product_info page. When it is put in to the buyers cart the text is missing from the shopping cart page and any attribute price is not added. When viewing the page source there is a hidden field as I would expect and the text is present in that hidden field. I have uploaded the includes -> classes -> shopping_cart.php file as advised in a previous post. I can paste any copies of my priduct_info or shopping_cart files if needed but haven't done it yet to save pasting lots of unecessary code. any ideas greatly received. Andy
  9. CotswoldEngraver

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    I was not sure if that would work or not, was a bit reluctant to just delete the columns in case it breaks everything. Will just have to try it and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion regards Andy
  10. CotswoldEngraver

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Getting to grips with this great contribution. Everything is working fine but I want to be able to miss out certain attributes that do not need to be editable in EP. Basically we have attributes that are customer input fields on the item page for customers to add their own text. When I upload an EP file these attributes are deleted from the product on the website. Is it possible to stop these attributes being downloaded in the first place as we do not need to make any adjustments to them and consequently if they are not there they will not be deleted when uploaded. I have seen the following settings in the configuration table: // VJ product attributes begin // **** Product Attributes **** // change this to false, if do not want to download product attributes define ('EP_PRODUCTS_WITH_ATTRIBUTES', true); // default is true // change this to true, if you use QTYpro and want to set attributes stock with EP. define ('EP_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES_STOCK', false); // default is false // change this if you want to download only selected product options (attributes). // If you have a lot of product options, and your output file exceeds 256 columns, // which is the max. limit MS Excel is able to handle, then load-up this array with // attributes to skip when generating the export. $attribute_options_select = ''; // $attribute_options_select = array('Size', 'Model'); // uncomment and fill with product options name you wish to download // comment this line, if you wish to download all product options // VJ product attributes end Guess I can deselect the attributes I do not want in the above settings but not sure what I need to put. I am using EP version 2.77a Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Regards Andy
  11. CotswoldEngraver

    Header Tags SEO

    Thanks Jack, disabled the cache and all was fixed. Many thanks.
  12. CotswoldEngraver

    Header Tags SEO

    Hello all. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this issue. When I list new products I am getting the meta tags and title of another random product on the site, it is not happening with every product but with just a random few. Here is the latest: http://www.aseawards.co.uk/endurance-series-cast-presentation-p-789.html The product I listed is obviously a presentation cup trophy, but the tags in the source are for a random cricket trophy. The tags do not change every time the page is loaded, the cricket trophy tag is always there. This has happened a couple of times now. Hope someone can shed some light on it. I am using version 2.2 regards Andy
  13. CotswoldEngraver

    Attribute Product Codes [Contribution]

    has anyone managed to get this excellent contribution working with Ajax Attribute Manager? I have mangaed to get the code copied over to the attribute manager by parrot fashion but cannot get my head around the .js part. I have got the fields into attribute manager but it will not save to the db, guess this is where the java script comes in. Not being a programmer I have just about got my head around the php part but .js baffles me. If anyone can point me in the right direction on integrating code suffix into the java script of attribute manager I will upload the rest that I have done once it is working. Regards Andy
  14. CotswoldEngraver

    Connect OScommerce with Ebay and Ebay.Express

    Hi Is anyone supporting or in fact using this contribution?
  15. CotswoldEngraver

    [Contribution] Scrolling Customer Testimonials

    Hi all. Has anyone sorted out the issue with sts? This is a superb contribution but as stated above it breaks the template on our site when trying to write a customer testimonial. Hope this can be resolved. Regards Andy