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  1. I believe so. Let me double check. Thanks!
  2. Is there a plug in or JSON or JQuery option somewhere? I have been looking for quite sometime and haven't found anything.
  3. Hello, I installed the Country and State selector downloaded from here >> . The contribution works great when creating a new account but doesn't work with the following: address_book_process.phpcheckout_shipping_address.phpcheckout_payment_address.php The issue is the state selector doesn't appear for the above files, although the country default works. I tried unselecting the options on the backend (admin) then adding them back in... but that didn't work. My site is running 2.3.4 BS Edge. Thanks for any insight you may provide.
  4. Not sure this should be posted on this forum. Has anyone attempted to use cross-domain iframes to submit forms within an OSCommerce site? I have had really good success with all major browsers with the exception of Safari Unfortunately Safari is bundled with all Apple products. Apple users tend to use Safari. I have seen a lot of code over the last few weeks, and have even broke my site trying to implement some suggestions...others just don't work or are outdated/deprecated. Any direction would be appreciated.
  5. How much interest is there in Amazon Pay? I believe the thrust is behind PayPal and Authorize, but another option like Amazon Pay would probably be well received. Especially with the growth seen in millennial users who use Amazon frequently. I know of someone else that is interested, and downloaded the old contribution. But it may not work since they are running a 2.3.4 BS edge. Thanks for posting
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. Will keep searching. Vid
  7. Hello, I am not sure this is doable with the 2.3.4 BS without some coding. But just wondering if anyone has something already. I have thought of putting a disclaimer but generally we all know that would be a lost sale for items that don't qualify for USPS Media mail Thanks, Vid
  8. @@Tsimi thanks I will go over all the options! Not sure where I'll end up but they all sound pretty good. Cheers! Dave
  9. So what is the recommendation to setup anti-bot pages for bootstrap 2.3.4? Just wondering if this got off the ground, or is there another thread somewhere?
  10. I believe it's because you don't have SSL..therefore you are getting the unsecure website error. My production site works the same way and I don't get the error because I have my SSL cert setup. The PayPal sandbox lacks in a lot of things ... for instance being able to setup Auto Return (to website after transaction completes) like you can in a real PayPal account. I still use the sandbox too despite the lack of some important features.
  11. @@Jack_mcs Just did and thanks you're the best! I will forward this information to another who is having same issue. Thank you!! Dave
  12. Hello, Thanks for the great work on a great contribution. I installed the new version, but still getting mobile site maps created. Then compared the 1.8 and 1.9 index.php files and they both match. I also checked the sitemap.class.php files, but they are different. So I am wondering if I missed something in the install. I just overwrote the 1.8 files with the 1.9 files. I did try switching "Enable Mobile Map" a couple times to see if that would kick it in the rear. But I still get the same results. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again!! Dave
  13. You can find the revised code here Basically create the files and drop them in (the paths are provided). In the Admin>Tools>Banner Manager: make sure you use the rotator group. I forgot to do that in the beginning, but slowly read through the instructions in post #1 of this thread. Cheers! Dave
  14. @@zpupster Did you ever get the code to go in the Welcome part of the first page? I want to do the same thing. I removed the New Products and will put the slider in there somewhere. Removing the need for the slider at the top. When viewing on a mobile device it should rock. I believe the Welcome stuff is in the languages/english.php file so I am not sure how to go about making that happen. Although, not sure how to make the text resize accordingly that is on the slides. But that can be fixed by making text part of the image ... a work around. Thanks, Dave
  15. @@Jack_mcs Thanks for post 1416 it works like a champ on the bootstrap 2.3.4 development site I am working on for deployment. Thanks for all you do to help us out!! Dave