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    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hello Hope somebody can help me. This issue may have come up before and if somebody can point me in the right direction I would be delighted. I have installed the contrib which is working fine. I also have SEO urls installed. When the data feed is created the product urls have the hyphens missing http://www.outdoorworld.co.uk/raised-beds-and-planter-kits-box-urban-corner-1500x1500x550-p-713.html becomes http://www.outdoorworld.co.uk/raised-beds-and-planter-kits-box-urbancorner1500x1500x550-p-713.html How can i get the hyphens to remain in place? Any help would be super! Many thanks Henry
  2. Any one get this to work for 2.2? im getting the same array warning.... any help would be useful. Or Another way to list products in a drop down by category? Cheers Henry