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  1. dilirum

    Master Products - MS2

    I have followed Matti's guide here and it works like a champ! Only thing is when your viewing a product and you click on the 'Other Products' from the Manufactuers box ... it brings you back to index.php and shows all items from the manufactuer including slaves. Anybody know how I can addapt the same idea into this - to only display masters ... or only products with listing status = 1 ? Any help would be appreaceated. Thanks, dilirum
  2. dilirum

    Master Products - MS2

    Hey folks... I?m hoping someone here can help me or point me in the right direction. I've been combing through the nearly 90 and growing pages of this thread and not found exactly what I need - though some hacks that are similar. Here's what I need. From any point in the store (search, index, etc.) clicking on a slave item brings you to the product_info for the corresponding master. Matti gave direction on how to accomplish this here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...ic=67284&st=270 This works perfect, except one large problem, when as slave is added to the shopping cart - it doesn't add the slave - but adds the master (kinda takes away the point of using slaves to begin with). So I need this to work while excluding the link for 'add to cart'. I realize that this thread is filled with peeps asking for help in this and that to 'personalize' master products to their store ... but I think I?m close to getting this to work right... so if someone could point me in the right direction I would be immensely grateful!
  3. dilirum

    Master Products - MS2

    The SQL changes posted by ecartz a couple of pages back in this thread worked for me. The only exception being certain price based searches (also described earlier in the thread), which I can live with. Thanks Matt... since I don't have price based searches from my search box that shouldn't be much of a problem for me. I musta missed that post as I was scanning through all 64 pages of this thread :) I'll check it out. Thanks for your reply! Baj3171 ... that should be increadibly useful for a ton of people... excellent work!
  4. dilirum

    [contribution] CGDiscountSpecials

    DriWashSolutions ... doesn't appear that anyone has done that yet. I had to go through each file and search for any modifcations that related to this contrib. Each modification is labeled pretty good with : //CGDiscountSpecials start most files only have one instance of this. But look close ... cause there are a couple that have more than one.... and I missed the others the first time in a couple files... and the contrib didn't work. After I took a look at the files that ended up causing php errors... i quickly found the prob and completed the contrib. Worked like a champ then. //CGDiscountSpecials end IMHO it's a great contrib and still worth the hassle. Good luck! dil :D
  5. dilirum

    Master Products - MS2

    I know that this has been posted before - but I have not seen an answer yet. Does anyobody have any idea how to make it so that when doing a search for a slave - results will bring you to the master item? Or for that matter ... I'd like it so that when I click on a slave items link anywhere in the catalog, it brings me to the master item. This way I could sort my slaves out into different categories that are related - but it would always bring you back to the master. <_<
  6. dilirum

    [contribution] CGDiscountSpecials

    Thanks hozone. I'll consider that one ... just had another brainstorm of how it might work though. All though again - I have no idea how this might be implimented. What if there was a "never lower than [price]" database field ... and it would be editable on a per item basis in admin/catagories.php. This way if someone wanted to ensure that an item never drops below their cost - they could set it this way - or as well in my case to ensure that an items price doesn't change at all. ;) Anyone have any idea on how to code that? And once again hozone... thanks for all your hard work on making such a well rounded contrib!
  7. dilirum

    [contribution] CGDiscountSpecials

    Ive got a largly modded osc ... but after some playing i belive I got everything working great with this. Big thanks to hOZONE for making this beautiful contrib. I am wondering if there is a way to disable a discount for a specific item. For example I have gift certificates on my site - and having a discount price on gift certificates i believe leaves space for potential fradulent activity. I want discounts to apply to every item except gift certificates. Huge thanks in advance if anyone is able to make that work. dilirum
  8. Does anybody know a way to make the voucher balance or any of the other related information for an individual appear in the header? My cart is in the header but I can't seem to make the code work to show my balance below it. Any help or ideas would be appreaceated.
  9. This is an awesome contribution - Much thanks to Paul for creating it - and everyone who contributed to making it MS2 compatible. I would like to add onto this search - but am not sure how to go about doing it. I don't think it would be to intensive. I plan to have a huge product listing. When someone searches for a keyword and the result yields a huge number of products - I would like to have a list of all categories that their keyword appears in. Something along of the lines of "Your search resuted in 569 items. To Narrow down your search choose a category below:" Then it would go on to list all categories that their keyword appears in. If they click one of those categories - it can perform another search of their keyword just within that specific category. :) The goal would be to keep narrowing down the search until it's a resonable size to browse! If anyone has any ideas of how to impliment such a thing - please let me know. Thanks! dilirum :D
  10. Most excellent. Using the script from gottaloveit yields a mysql error for me ... but using your technique but with yesudo's scripting I get the desired results. Excellent job folks. I dig Chris's idea here - about making it run on a cron job. Thanks all! Dili
  11. yesudo: Thanks for a most excellently effective contrib! gottaloveit: Thanks for your improvements to it! Gotta' Love It! The only thing that I would like to add to kind of complete it is (probably in my [admin/backup.php] ... at the bottom of the table - something to the effect of <?php echo "Database Last Auto-Optimized:" . optimize_check . " ?> I know that I'm not scripting it right ... but something to print the last optimized date. Wouldn't serve as a function - except to display the last time the db was Auto Optimized. Would basically just serve as a visual that this contrib is running properly and that the db is continously optimized. Can anyone help me code that? Thanks in advance to anyone that might be able to code that. dilirum
  12. United Parcel Service We are unable to obtain a rate quote for UPS shipping. Please contact the store if no other alternative is shown. I have gotten this error in my shopping cart upon checkout (in checkout_shipping.php) sice installation of OSC. Searching the forum I've seen a couple people with the same error but didn't seem to fix it. Does anyone know what causes this? or even better a fix for it? Yes, UPS is enabled in my admin area. Any other suggestions? :D
  13. Well that last code you gave me didn't fix it. It only moved each error up one line... LoL. I guess unless you have any other suggestions I'll just scrap the csv feature. Which is a shame cause that would have been increadibly handy. Thanks for the help.
  14. dilirum

    Virtual Mall Setup released

    Wow. This is awesome! I can see this being a very useful contribution to many people. Excellent work!
  15. Thanks a lot Fritz. I'll give this one a shot. And again - thanks for a very useful and needed contribution.