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  1. Change Log2: 1.94 not adding flat flat per to shipping quote for categories 1.95 Table tbl per same as above 1.96 Saving product flat rate does not return to proper page 1.97 Text not showing proper in products/categories shipping method 1.98 product/category mode not being updated 1.99 When deleting out last table rate with no flat rate table remains in shipping method 2.0 Duplicate entries in shipping mode table 2.1 a. Tbl method not being set when flat rate is deleted if tbl rate existed B. Flat method not being set when deleting last tbl rate when flat rate exists
  2. @@creativeeducationsupplies and to everyone else SSPP v 2.5 is here! email me for the main two files until i upload the full zip package. First of all let me apologize for the shape that the last version was in. After digging into the code and testing it out, I realized that i was just a noob. lol But I am seriously sorry for the shape i left it in. :- :mellow: o:) A huge thank you goes out to Salazar G. for his support and contacting me and getting me back in the game :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :D A lot of changes have gone into the module as to how it works on the back end. Such as no more duplicate entries in the tables [big problem]. Also the shipping method is automatically changed to reflect the rate being set. multiple products in the categories show up properly in the shipping quote. Change log 1: 1.86 : no status of 1 being passed when setting flat rate with no mode setting. This caused no value to be passed on to the shopping cart until you saved the rate again with a mode set. 1.87: After deleting a rate image shows no category when there clearly is. Fixed with taking out a redirect call 1.88: Duplicate rate entry after fixing bug 1.86. 1.89: Drop down on shipping mode does not reflect current setting. 1.9: yes or no being displayed on shipping method when Use Independent Rates instead of the default rates for this category/product? is set to yes or no and no mode has been set. Now if no mode has been set but a rate has it will display no mode has been set and when no rate has been set for either flat or table it will display please set a flat or table rate first. 1.91: Flat per not calculating out properly. This was due to my query. 1.92: small unnoticeable bug where shipping mode was not passed to shipping rates table 1.93: bug where updating shipping mode cleared rates out. This was one of my arrays.
  3. @@rayge Ok thank you for pointing this out I will be looking into it and redoing a lot of work on this module. I know there are a few bugs that need to be worked out. My module was developed with a vanilla install of oscommerce with very few modifications to the underlying code.
  4. Bug fixes: 1.855: It has come to my attention that the categories setting does not work as planned when Use Default Rates? is set to anything other than No and Use Independent Rates? is set to Yes. 1.9: I figured an overhaul of how my module works in regard to the query's and logical flow of the code works. This will make it simpler on my end to troubleshoot a problem. [Upcoming Releases] 2.0: Will contain above releases as well as an update query to update my module. It will include language support to easily translate my module into other languages. Hopefully it will not need a customer logged in to work [A rewrite of my query's will be in order. They currently use the customer_basket table]
  5. @@ArtcoInc Give me about a week or two to set up my development environment again. I have to ask an old customer if i can use his web server space for an environment. I will work with the free version first. and i have found the email from the developer of the commercial product that might give me a better clue at to what i need to do
  6. @@ArtcoInc Right but in order to code for them i need to see the modules. And I do this with no money or help or donations. Just my free time. I do not have all the resources of a big conglomerate corporation with all the resources at their disposal. Along with getting my AAS Degree from TMCC I am currently living in a program for homeless Veterans with no money. my income without the student loans from last year was $2900 period [i worked at an internship for 3 months last year]. With my student loans it was $12900 of which aprox $6000 was used for tuition and books. My income last month was $0. I do not have work and would like work, I do not have access to a computer all the time, my laptop and tablet both have been pawned. Now with all this being said, I try to do the best i can.
  7. Note new features to be added want your input. Hi everyone, I want your input on a couple features for this module. list below. 1) A new language module for SSPP that allows for easy translating of SSPP text 2) A way to only install the tables that are needed. On demand installs. For ex: if you only want to have table rates but not flat rates only table rates show up in the configuration [This hopefully makes it less complicated] 3) Would you like different versions of SSPP? This is in response to option 2 above. 4) Any other thoughts? I would like to produce a module that does not care if the customer is logged in or not. 5) should step 7 be the first step in the install files? 6) Country zone shipping module to be added.
  8. @@rwood Hi i am the developer of this module and will address your concerns. I have been busy with school and such but if you want you can get a hold of me through my personal email or any one of the main contacts listed in the modules install file. Email is best :) I check the forums every other week for reply's to it ok i had an eureka moment! Do you have zone shipping installed? or any other shipping modules? their code might be interfering and if so i might be able to help code for compatibility :thumbsup: @@ArtcoInc Thanks for helping out with the load of people. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I am in debt lol.
  9. Note: and are currently down I ran out of funds to keep them running so you will not be able to see the live demo sites for my modules. :( I'm currently working on getting them back up and running with a new server within the next month or two.
  10. @@anthonycomp lol i figured it out ! you have not followed step 2 of my instructions for the catalog/includes/database_tables.php and i quote from the install file.
  11. @@anthonycomp Please add some screen shots of your configurations as this will help considerably as well as the error message. I am the developer and can help you with the problem if i know what you are trying to do and what version as well as what you have modified if any of my module. Screenshots always help. :thumbsup: RULES FOR ASKING FOR HELP: 1. Take screenshots of both the main configuration and of the secondary configuration as well as the shopping cart side 2. describe what has happened to bring you to the error not this error showed up please help [generalizations such as this do not help as i do not know what you did or did not do to get the error]. Some of the time it is my code but most of the time you have not installed properly or configured properly 3. Allow time for me to look into your problem and find a solution. I do this in my free time so i ask that you be patient
  12. have you put a rate in for that product?
  13. @@chrispopp8 sound good :thumbsup: and i'm looking forward to implementing this into my module :D The new version 2.0 will be a total rework of how it is installed and be modular in design.
  14. @@Dirk Duckler This is a simple one! You just need to define the table in admin/includes/database.php with a define statement. so it should read define(TABLE_SHIPPING_MODE,'shipping_mode'); :thumbsup: B) [follow step 2 (w00t) of the installation file] @@chrispopp8 yes this is because my module works with a logged in customer only at this time and i am looking into fixing this for guests as well as logged in customers. Ahhh i see Malcome has answered your question. But rest assured i'll be working on my module over thanksgiving . NOTE: I WILL BE WORKING ON V1.86 OF MY MODULE SHORTLY AND WILL MAKE IT BETTER (w00t) I WILL ALSO BE WORKING ON A BETTER VERSION OF MY INSTALL FILE SO PLEASE GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS. I WILL BE OUT OF FALL SEMESTER ON DECEMBER 15TH and will be able to work and take a stronger look at my module.
  15. @@ArtcoInc this was for my debugging purposes you do not need to worry about this :thumbsup: