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  1. Well I've done it again! I'm so sorry for those who are using v2.2 of OsCommerce. When i developed the last querys and all I neglected to test my module in OsCommerce v2.2 and only tested it in v2.3.3 of oscommerec! So I'm working as fast as i can to de-bugg OsCommerce v2.2 files. For now you can use the default rates until i have the per item solved! This should only take two days at most. Again I'm sorry. :'(
  2. Update ver 1.71 is available! Hello everybody, I have finally uploaded the 1.71 ver for both v2.2 and v2.3 of oscommerce This fixes the above issues and adds some features that were missing. As always you can find it in my signature below.
  3. @@stragami yes this is right. However as explained you need to set up your individual rates in the separate_rate.php in the Separate Rate Box on the left hand side hmmm, this is strange that you do not have the Inherit Rates? item try this : insert into configuration (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, set_function, date_added) values ('Inherit Rates?', 'MODULE_SHIPPING_SEPARATE_INHERIT', 'No', 'Allow sub-categories to inherit rates from main categories?', '6', '0', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array('Yes', 'No'), ', now()) in your phpmyadmin side making sure you are in the right database more insite, please press the sql tab and copy and paste the above code into the box. If you want to translate into german please do so i would welcome it! And I will help you find out where to change the text.
  4. rpdesign

    Shipping per category

    @@Hoog You could try my module down below in my signature :thumbsup: It does what you want and has several other options such as inheriting rates from main categories if you use v2.3. of oscommerce if you use v2.2 i'll have an update to it son for v2.2 users of oscommerce This module does work with v2.2 and v2.3 of oscommerce
  5. Ok I will work on this and give you guys a better understanding of the inner workings of my module. :)
  6. @@stragami the second use default rates was supposed to be Inherit rates i will change this or you can within the configuration table look for MODULE_SHIPPING_SEPARATE_INHERIT in the configuration_key and change configuration_title to Inherit Rates? ok here is how your main config should work if you want per product. Seperate Shipping Per Product/Category Enable Seperate Shipping Method True Use Default Rates? No Default Table Rate 25:8.50,50:5.50,10000:0.00 Use Default Table Rates? Table per item Default Flat Rate 1 Enable Default Flat Rate? Flat per item Max Shipping Rate 50.00 Setting // this is where you set per item or per category product Use Default Rates? // this should be Inherit Rates? as explained how to change above. this is only for categories so not needed but can be expanded Yes Shipping Method // this is used for tables only as per product bases the shipping by qty qty Handling Fee 0 Tax Class 19% MwSt. Shipping Zone DE Sort Order 5 After setting the main configuration up as so you need to set the secondary configuration for each item using the top portion for flat rates and the bottom portion for table rates If you want to apply a flat rate for all products here are the settings Seperate Shipping Per Product/Category Enable Seperate Shipping Method True Use Default Rates? Yes Default Table Rate 25:8.50,50:5.50,10000:0.00 Use Default Table Rates? //this disables the default table rate No Default Flat Rate 15.00 Enable Default Flat Rate? //leave this setting as is Flat per item Max Shipping Rate 50.00 Setting // this doesn't really matter unless you want to apply a rate to all products in a certain category then select category otherwise select product category Use Default Rates? // Again should be Inherit Rates? as described above. This is used for categories but can be expanded Yes Shipping Method // this is used for both the individual per category, per product, and default table rates qty Handling Fee 0 Tax Class 19% MwSt. Shipping Zone DE Sort Order 5 I hope this answers you question and yes i will be configuring a new video on youtube on how this all works. I needed to anyhow for the new features of my module. I might have an upload section for developers to help me out, because for right now i'm a one man show. I do not want to open up the download section to public uploads until i approve of the coding.
  7. URGENT UPDATE FOR USERS OF OSCOMM V2.2 RC2 ONLY!!! Please upload this separate_rate.php file to your catalog/admin folder. This is v1.5 of the file separate_rate.php for oscommmerce 2.2 and can be used with v 1.7 except you will loose the Table per individual item feature for the table rates. Until I add these features and fix ver 1.7 of this file which will be downloaded as v1.71 to fix this bug please download the uploaded file here: you need to replace your file with this one in your catalog/admin folder
  8. @@stragami Ok i think i know what is happening is that i uploaded the wrong ver of my separate_rate.php file in to the v2.2 folder installation! oops So without futher ado i'll correct it and have a new ver up by tomorow!
  9. Ok i'm sorry everyone, found out that i uploaded the v2.3.3 file for the separate_rate.php in the v2.2 folder! So let me work on this for the evening
  10. let me take a little to build a video for installation on a default v2.2 shop. This will give me time to explain in detail where everything goes including different senarios. I'll probly upload a vid on how to install in a shop that is not in the main site such as / or /catalog or /henrysshop/catalog/ By the way the categories.php file has nothing to do with the separate_rate.php other than some code i took out to display the categories and products.
  11. a little more clarification on the files above when you unzip the file you should see the individual files in their respective folders if we have to we will unload or remove the module and reinstall it
  12. @@stragami sorry the catalog/includes/modules/separate.php should be catalog/includes/modules/shipping/separate.php "did you press install on the right hand side for modules->shipping->separate shipping?" yes hmmm that is weird and you say nothing shows up ok lets start from the beginning these are a list of files and where they go: separate.php catalog/includes/modules/shipping separate.php catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/shipping make sure you do not confuse the two separate_rate.php catalog/admin/ separate_rate.php catalog/admin/includes/languages/english separate_rate.php catalog/admin/includes/boxes as above do not confuse them! these are the main files that make my module work the other files are custom images for the buttons located in catalog/admin/includes/languages/english/images/buttons: If your admin is changed to another name this could be the problem as well so change every instance of /admin/ to reflect your admin's name
  13. When editing files i usually like using filezilla as mentioned before to download to a temp folder [filezilla does this for you when clicking on edit within filezilla] and then editing the file in notepad plus plus [an excellent replacement for notepad]. The reason being is that filezilla will automatically re-upload the edited file to your server. Another side note to all of this: A little confusion has been going around about how to configure my module. I would like to explain as best as i can with text until my video goes up. First and foremost my module uses two areas in admin to configure my module Modules->shipping->separate shipping edit This is the main configuration for my module and will be referenced as such Separate Shipping This is the secondary configuration area and will be referenced as such in ver 1.0 and above the configuration is different from v1.7 because of several new functions i suggest downloading v1.7 and removing any earlier versions anyhow here is the explanation of my modules main configuration for earlier versions: SSPP V1.0 to V1.6 Enable Seperate Shipping Method options true or false [true if you want to use my module false if you do not] Default Table Rate [used for all products with all setting] this is configured in a format such as 25:8.50,50:5.50,10000:0 here is how it works using the above example: up to 25 price,weight,or qty of an item [semi-colon is placed here] charge $8.50 in shipping [comma is placed here to end this rate and start another rate] Default Flat Rate [used for all products with all setting] set a flat rate here for all products Enable Flat Rate? options yes or no [yes if you want to use the default flat rate no if you want to use the default table rate when setting is set to all below] Setting options are all, category, or products [set to all to use default rates] [ set to category to use per category *** this is where most people get confused, the rates for this option are not set in the main configuration but the secondary configuration of my module also in earlier versions this setting worked only for sub categorys***] [set to products to use per product ***again the rates are not set here for this option but in the secondary configuration****] Shipping Method [this is used for all table modes the default table in the main configuration as well as individual tables in the secondary configuration] options are qty [set this to calculate the shipping based on the amount of items in a customers basket] price [set this to calculate the shipping based on the price of the items in the customers basket] weight [set this to calculate the shipping based on the weight divided by the max shipping weight ***configued in the configuration->shipping/packaging*** times the shipping rate of the items in the customers basket] Handling Fee [this applies to all products] set a handling fee here Tax Class [only needed if you state or country imposes a shipping tax not sure why but it is there :rolleyes: ] choose a tax rate that you have set up in Locations/Taxes->Tax Zones Shipping Zone [limit this shipping module to show up in a certain country] this setting determines where you want the separate shipping option to appear --none-- means it will show up everywhere in every country any other setting this will show up only in the country or zone selected. Sort Order [where do you want your quote for separate shipping to appear on the checkout_shipping.php page ] setting to 0 this and other modules line up alphabetically from a-z setting another number means it will appear below lower numbers. So in short the higher the number the further down the list it shows up Hopefully this describes the main configuration in text form :shifty:
  14. @@stragami did you upload the files catalog/includes/modules/separate.php and catalog/admin/separate_rate.php? if you placed the files in the wrong places this could be it. did you press install on the right hand side for modules->shipping->separate shipping?
  15. When editing files i usually like using filezilla as mentioned before to download to a temp folder [filezilla does this for you when clicking on edit within filezilla] and then editing the file in notepad plus plus [an excellent replacement for notepad]. The reason being is that filezilla will automatically re-upload the edited file to your server.
  16. @@stragami First of all is it on your admin side in modules->shipping->separate shipping? if so then you need to press the install button. If it is the separate shipping box you need to make sure that you defined the file in admin/includes/filenames.php @@xbusymom Here are the steps necessary with my module with lay man terms in order to install properly on your shop, however keep in mind that this module is for shipping rates only not prices of items. Install instructions Step 1 Upload all files to your shop. ****You do this with a program such as filezilla [my favorite] or a similar program . If you need help with this i can give a tutorial. You need to upload the files from the Installation folder after you unzip my package. [i use Alzip for this] if you are using v2.2 of OsCommerce. You need to upload the files from the Installation for OsCommerce v2.3.3 if you have a v2.3.3 installation. If you have changed your admin folder's name [excelent security tip by the way ] place the files from the admin folder there. ***** Step 2 Add these lines to BOTH catalog/includes/database_tables.php AND catalog/admin/includes/database_tables.php ***if you have placed your admin in a different folder change /admin/ to reflect the new folder. Both files need to be edited. these lines add the databases so Oscommerce can find them. If you neglect this step you will get a "you have an error in your sql syntax in line 1 "and it will have TABLE_SHIPPING_RATE or similar in the error message usually in the begining*** //SSPP [separate Shipping Per Product] define('TABLE_SHIPPING_RATES', 'shipping_rates'); define('TABLE_SHIPPING_TABLE_RATES', 'shipping_table_rates'); //SSPP End *** Side note: it doesn't really matter where these lines of code go as long as they are before the last ?> this code [tag] by the way ends the php part*** Step 3 Add these lines to catalog/admin/includes/languages/english.php ****Neglecting this step will result in BOX HEADING SEPARATE SHIPPING and BOX_SEPARATE_SHIPPING_RATE being displayed in the left hand side of your admin. Again change /admin/ to reflect your admin folder*** // separate shipping box text in includes/boxes/separate_rate.php define('BOX_HEADING_SEPARATE_SHIPPING','Separate Shipping'); define('BOX_SEPARATE_SHIPPING_RATE', 'Shipping Rates'); Step 4 Add these lines to catalog/admin/includes/filenames.php ***Extremely important!!! Without these lines @@stragami i'm talking to you :P Admin will not display the separate_rate.php page to configure the separate rates if not using flat rates.**** // SSPP Begin define('FILENAME_SEPARATE_RATE','separate_rate.php'); //SSPP End Step 5 ***for OsCommerce 2.2 and v2.3.3 the box file [admin/includes/boxes/separate_rate.php] is different make sure you upload the right one ***** Add these lines to catalog/admin/includes/column_left.php after require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'modules.php'); //SSPP Begin require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'separate_rate.php'); //SSPP End Step 6 ***This is only if you plan to use the Express module with my addon****** If you use the PayPal Express module In catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php add // SSPP Begin class objectInfo { // added from admin function objectInfo($object_array) { reset($object_array); while (list($key, $value) = each($object_array)) { $this->$key = tep_db_prepare_input($value); } } } //SSPP End after require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT); ***This means add everything between //SSPP Begin to //SSPP End [all the text including the //SSPP Begin and //SSPP End] after the text require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT);***** Step 7 Enable Separate Shipping by pressing the install button from within the shipping modules area of admin. ***when everything is said and done you should have an option to install this module in v2.2 and v2.3.3. This will be located in your admin menu on the left hand side under modules->shipping. OsComm v2.2 shows separate shipping in the list with an install button on the right hand side when selecting separate shipping. OsComm v2.3.3 hides the modules that are not installed, but a simple check and you will find an install button on the upper right hand side when selecting the modules->shipping option. After clicking this button you will find a list of the shipping modules not installed and lo and behold my module is in the list! *** I will be uploading a video to you tube with all the install and config videos updated for v1.7 of my module because i have seen so many people having problems with this. I don't know why,but ok. For example if you wanted to use the famouse [dyslexia setting in (w00t) ] Seperate Pricing Per Customer add on It has over 37 files to edit!! uggh huh :P
  17. this is found under modules->shipping->separate rate. in the edit mode When inheriting rates [which works with the per category setting not the per product setting] the sub category inherits the rate set up by the main category So if you have $5 set up in the main category as your rate, and $7 for the sub category's rate the sub category's rate will not change in the separate_rate.php [admin side] but rather reflect [inherit] the $5 rate in your catalog side [what your customers see!] This way you can separate out your rates for specials etc...
  18. Basically all you do is set use default rate? to no :thumbsup: then the rate you set in the separate_rate.php will work!
  19. don't know i do know it works with 2.3.3 but probably not with the beta ver of oscommerce
  20. @awsumdc it is //SSPP Begin include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'separate_rate.php'); //SSPP End in my online demo shop's admin/includes/column_left.php hope this helps :P this should be admin/includes/boxes/separate_rate.php All this file does is give the proper links to the main separate_rate.php file.
  21. Step 4 Add these lines to catalog/admin/includes/filenames.php // SSPP Begin define('FILENAME_SEPARATE_RATE','separate_rate.php'); //SSPP End I have a feeling this is where you are missing a step. Or it could be that the includes/boxes/separate_rate.php file wasn't uploaded? There are two separate_rate.php files one in admin/includes/boxes and one in admin/ also there are admin/includes/english/separate_rate.php and some button images as well And yes the text version of the install says require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'Modules.php'); but the html file says include i believe it should be include( DIR_WS_BOXES . 'Modules.php') just ftp everything IN the admin folder to your server not the admin folder itself.
  22. @@awsumdc In short yes! :D just use the installation for oscommerce 2.3.3 folder and upload those to your online store. So upload all the catalog files to where your catalog folder resides on your web hosting server. Same thing with the admin folder, pay attention to the fact that if you changed your admin folder's name upload the files in the admin folder there. Then follow the steps as described. There are only 7 steps for a reason, I didn't want to make it too complicated to install. The support for oscommerce v 2.3.1 was included with v1.4 of this module by the way :P And don't forget to look at the troubleshooting.txt file for helpful hints. I do need to update the file though because some of the bugs have been fixed as you can read with the above link for the changes in this ver. I will be uploading a video on how to update and configure this ver shortly B) v 1.8 is in the works to provide update support and shipping vendor support etc.. and a few bug fixes.
  23. @@hermann1505 Hi Hermann ver 1.7 fixes a lot of issues that you have been having. Just follow the update instructions in the update folder of the new package You can read about all the new changes here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/391994-sspp-separate-shipping-per-product-support-forum/page__st__80#entry1679866
  24. @@cwymarketing Are you using my module? what ver of oscommerce are you running? Do you want a custom ver of my module? My module as it now stands does not have specific shipping vendor support but it is in the works. What my module does do is separate shipping rates per product or per category. And by qty,price or weight for the table rates
  25. Separate Shipping Per Product is on ver 1.7! with new features such as max shipping rate, per item pricing, and much more!