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  1. @@mpossible As with everything this takes time however a friend of mine in Australia has used the default zones shipping module successfully with no problems. However to integrate it within this module would have to take some re-thinking of how to call upon the zones for the individual products. I might just think about Developing a separate addon that intergrates with my SSPP module. hmmm this seems like a possible solution for my next vers in where i will have a separate config file for default language etc...
  2. @@birdiebitsnbites What version of OsCommerce are you running? This could be that you loaded up the wrong ver of the admin/separate_rate.php file What ver of my module? If it is truely v1.812 as in my signature and is showing as 1.81 i need to change this. Update: I will try to release v 1.852 as soon as i can it includes a better install file as well as a configuration section to help explain the settings. Also it includes a way to apply a default rate to several products but a select few so if you have 1000 products in your shop and all of them use a default flat or table rate but 100 separate products you can set individual rates for those 100 products I will be also looking for a way to apply separate table modes to the individual products/categories so you can have one product based on weight, one product based on price, and one product based on the qty of the item for the table rates in the same basket!
  3. @@mpossible I have to give it to you in a pm or email you a copy :P I'll see if i still have a copy and send it off to you. Please comment on the ease of instalation etc... As far as your problem with downloading the php file just follow my instructions from the earlier post also if you have mysql_fetch_assoc or mysql_fetch_array in your ver please replace with tep_db_fetch_array i believe in order for php v 5 to work better.
  4. @@mpossible well i reproduced the problem it used to be that you could download a attached file. Seems that for security reasons the forum decided if they are not img you can not view or download i'll upload the file to my server and you can download via a direct link! Unfortunately i have lost my version that i've uploaded here, So i'll just have to rebuild it from the v 1.812. Give me until Sunday to do this. Or if you want i can maybe give you my v1.85 beta this will give you a few more functions and help with your error. @@ragnarkarlsson As i mentioned in my email you need to go to the Simply Hidden Products developer for this problem. I so not endorse messing with the default osCommerce functions if you need to produce a function put it in its own file. Because my module uses the default functions of osCommerce, fixing my module to work with one that has modified the database functions will not work. A simpler way to hide the products would be to modify the products_description or products tables with an additional field called p_hide or something similar and if p_hide = '1' hide the product . If you want I can make a better Simply Hidden Products module, but i have school and work 6 days a week. So limited free time. I like your idea for percentages rate! (w00t) I'll try to incorporate this in my current ver which is v1.85 which adds the function to apply default rates to 900 products and have individual rates for 100 products in a shop with 1000 products. So I'll work on the percentage rates as an additional table option :thumbsup:
  5. @@burt yes i have since done this and thank you for your input. I'll be looking through the addon for these calls
  6. Please download the current ver of catalog/includes/shipping/separate.php from the above link in the above post or from here: Replace your ver with this one. separate.php
  7. @@jhaugen @@neverforget98 ok this issue is being that you have no results for the query!! You have to place something into the tables in order for this query to work. How is the module going to work if you have nothing set up in the tables in the first place for your flat rates or your table rates? :- So just place an if ($status_query != ''){ // this checks for a blank query or a query with no results /* change $status_query to what ever value the mysql_fetch_array is trying to fetch! */ before the line of the error message /* change $status_query to what ever value the mysql_fetch_array is trying to fetch! */ and a } after the mysql_fetch_assoc or mysql_fetch_array this will fix it for you and i'll go ahead and include these changes for you :thumbsup: I will have it uploaded as an addon in a day from now. 03/18/14 This is probably because you have the errors reporting on your server which is great!!!
  8. @jhaugen sorry here is the final fix: if ($status_query != ''){ while($row = tep_db_fetch_array($status_query)){ $ver = $row['configuration_value']; } }
  9. @@jhaugen hmmm i'll get to work on this. I think this is possibly for the ver number and you should not have to worry about this error as it will only appear once. This is basically what is happening: I have a query that takes the MODULE_SEPERATE_SHIPPING_VERSION from the configuration table and puts it in the module so you know what version you are working on :thumbsup: However, since you have not installed my module before this entry does not exist in the configuration table yet and therefore returns a non-existent reply! :- this is where you get your error :P Just refresh your admin by f5 or reload your admin you should have the version number and no error. I'll include a slight fix by checking the result for an empty query and if it is not empty to display the ver. please place this line in your catalog/includes/languages/english/separate.php line 13. This is only for new installs while($row = tep_db_fetch_array($status_query)){
  10. @@Marshiewoo try resetting the shipping mode by re-doing it. This is known bug and hopefully i will have it sorted out by the time i upload v 1.853 of my module. SSPP v1.853 adds the functionality to apply a default rate to 900 products and have individual rates for 100 products in a shop that has a total of 1000 products. Basically what happens is that if you set the mode to flat and no flat rate nothing gets placed in the shipping_rates table for the flat rate so when you place a new flat rate here it does not add an entry into the shipping_rate table so you have to re-set this by going to the edit button and then clicking save without changing the mode. I think that to fix this bug i'll have the shipping method set default values for the flat rate when flat or flat per item is selected as well as the table rates when table or table per item is selected
  11. @@Marshiewoo hi it looks like you took out my comments for the 'title' :thumbsup: This does help somewhat but what do you want to do? Do you want to have $2 for all products in this category? Or do you want some sub-categories in this category to inherit the $2 rate? Is the product in the picture in the category that you set up the rate for ? What does your configuration for this particular category look like? Like i said there are several ways to do things. Did you set flat per item or just flat? Do you have a rate in the flat rate area?
  12. use the Max Shipping Rate setting and set it to $9.50 (w00t) o:) By the way the Use Default Rates? is only to be used with the default rates NOT the individual rates. also in the secondary config [this is where i think you are going wrong in where you haven't set your individual rates] [the Separate Shipping text below where you set your default rates for this module] you should see a listing of your individual products just like if you were looking at your catalog. This is where you set your individual rates. please send in screenshots of your settings! this will help in diagnosing your problems. and please send a screenshot of your left side and right side of your admin in a pm to me I have not tested this addon with of OsCommerce so i don't know if you have the secondary configuration available to you! Also you need to set a flat or table rate in the secondary configuration as well. Let me do a default install of OsCommerce on my server and test out the install.
  13. SSPP v1.852 will be ready 03-08-14!

  14. SSPP v1.852 will be advailible!!!! NEW Functions!! You now can apply a default rate to most of your products and a individual rate for others. Thanks goes out to plorenze for his great suggestion!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: For Ex: if you have 1000 products and 900 of them use the same shipping rate you can set the default rates for the 900 items and set separate rates for the 100 products left instead of setting separate shipping rates for all of them (w00t) I still have to create the new install file and make sure this works with v2.3.x of OsCommerce so this should be ready by Sat 03-08-14 11pm PST [it will probably be up sooner, but i'm giving myself plenty of time o:)]
  15. @@liz5384 please use the support column in the support thread for my addon :thumbsup: You can find it in my signature below or use the following link: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/391994-sspp-separate-shipping-per-product-support-forum/ You can also reach me by pm. By the way i am the developer of this addon and it has reached v1.812 (w00t) also if you can recreate the steps you took and what problems you have i can get back to you and fix whatever issues you are having.
  16. @@discxpress actually this is not a bad idea but needs to be addressed for future capability. So say a shop owner thinks that table rates are now suited better than flat rates or that flat rates are better suited, or that he needs both! There must be a way to enable just one or all of them.
  17. @@discxpress I think you can use the default table rate as so: set Use default rates? to Table per item set your rate like so 1:4.95,10000:1.50 and set your method to qty if your using ver 1.812 of my module this should give you the result you are looking for :P :thumbsup:
  18. @@discxpress I don't think i'll seperate the two because of the instance where one shop owner whould like to set certain products by a table rate and some products by a flat rate and have both in the basket at the same time. This is an excellent idea!! and one i'll be glad to look into when i'm not maintaining a 4.0 in college. right now you can set flat per item but not in the way you describe. I have also been tinkering around with the idea of giving a shipping quote in the products description. For right now you can set your books at $4.95 shipping and set your DVDs at $1.50 shipping and then set them to flat per item :thumbsup: From what i've seen you want the first item to be $4.95 shipping no matter what the item is and then $1.50 thereafter for all other products? This can be added as an additional function and i will try to make this function advailible to you. And latter on when you have beta-tested this for me i'll release it to the public :D I haven't figured out a way to apply several different default rates at once, but could be an interesting project
  19. @@Gergely I have since replaced the mysql_fetch_assoc with tep_db_fetch_array in v1.85 beta Thank you for the suggestion :thumbsup: SSPP v1.85 Beta works! I need to create an update file and new install.html file for the package if anyone would like to test out the Beta version give me an email at rapetet@gmail.com
  20. @@Gergely Thank you, I'll look into it . :thumbsup:
  21. Update SSPP v1.85 Beta SSPP v1.85 Beta will be availible to Testers as soon as 01/19/2014 (w00t) New Features: New Table called shipping mode to handle modes for individual products/categories New Function to apply a default rate to all products but a select few! :thumbsup: //thanks goes out to plorenz for this idea So for Example: If you have 1000 products and 995 of those products that use the same rates, but 5. You can now set different rates for the 5 products that do not use the default rate of the others (w00t) [New ​Main Config Option!] Use Individual rates with the default rates? [New Secondary Config Option!] Use Independent Rates instead of the default rates for this category/product //This will only show up if the main config above is set to yes and the Use Default Rates? is set to anything but No new look to the install.html file to include different configurations, a trouble shooting section, all with pictures! Also I will be starting my Spring Semester here on 01/27/2014 So I will not be available Mon - Thu However, I'll be available Thu Evenings [after 6pm PST] and Fri - Sun.
  22. @@emess yes this should work for v2.3.1 I might change it to v2.3.x please report any bugs you find [if any] with the folowing format: Bug Report 1.813 : [the number is just a way for me to develop bug fixes and should start with 1.813 or the last bug report to the third decimal whew!] :P description of what hapened steps to recreate posible addons that might conflict screenshots of error or settings Thankyou for your support! :thumbsup:
  23. @ Are the coupons downloadable? If they are you might not have to set shipping on digital media such as downloads. Anyhow I think the solution would be to build another entry into the database tables separate_rate and separate_table_rate called c_default and p_default with 0 and 1 as the setting if c_default xor p_default == '1' use default rates if '0' use rate set up for the individual product. Give me the weekend to add this functionality. Please send me an email at rapetet [at] gmail.com. Replace [at] with the symbol @ this is for the exel file. Please place SSPP translation in the subject. This will also take some time to develop as i have to find all instances of the english words and how they relate to either the function of my module or the text that you see in admin and the catalog side of things. So to answer your problem more efficiently, I would have to guess that if you have anything more than No in the Use Default Rates? setting that the Use Individual rates for this product/category? [NEW] in the individual setting would automatically be no or '0' so that for the few items you want to be apart from the default rate you will set to Yes or '1' . I should have a solution by Mon 1/6 my time most likely it will be ready in the morning of Tue 1/7 your time. If you send me an email i can send to you even sooner. I will also create an update.sql for you as well to add this functionality with instructions on how to add it. This should be as simple as running the update.sql querys and replacing the catalog/admin/separate_rate.php file :P
  24. @ yes you now need to set Use default rates? to No or what you had before :thumbsup: and you do not have to set to 0.00 for free shipping, just select free shipping. Basically the Use Default Rate? setting is for all products regardless of what is individually set and uses the default flat or the default table rate. I also would warn about using decimals in the table setting as i'm not sure how this would effect your calculations in the shipping if you could round this number up this would be preferable. However, if you are going to use the price of the items to calculate the table rate i don't see the harm. but, if you are going to use the qty, or by weight i would suggest leaving the decimals out. Just to make it easier. :D When you turn this off you need to set a rate for all of your products individually so if you have 20 products you should have 20 rates . (w00t) To convert your table rates you would press new table rate button and put 58.99 in the first input box and 3.5 in the second box. After saving press new table rate and do the same thing except use 59 and 0 for your values However, as i explained you do not need to set 0.00 in the individual product configuration if you want free shipping. Just select free in the drop down. This is also useful if you want to temporarily give your customers free shipping without loosing your regular rate :thumbsup: I will probably just upload a language pack. When converting to a different language i also have to convert the definitions for my if then statements into the new language. And thank you for your offer to help with the translation. If you want I can give you a microsoft exel file with the name of the page and line number where the text is found. as well as the english text. :thumbsup: Just ask This does arise at an interesting problem though. If you want to apply a table rate to all products but 1 or apply a flat rate to all but 1 how do you do this without configuring individually the same thing? Currently you would have to have the same setting for all products except for the one that you want free shipping for. So if you have 20 products you will have to repeat the table rate or flat rate for 19 products and then select free for the one product. hmmm, this might be an idea for a new function
  25. SSPP v1.812 uploaded The bug report above has been fixed. If using v1.811 of SSPP please just replace the catalog/includes/modules/shipping/separate.php