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  1. @@rwood Hi i am the developer of this module and will address your concerns. I have been busy with school and such but if you want you can get a hold of me through my personal email or any one of the main contacts listed in the modules install file. Email is best :) I check the forums every other week for reply's to it ok i had an eureka moment! Do you have zone shipping installed? or any other shipping modules? their code might be interfering and if so i might be able to help code for compatibility :thumbsup: @@ArtcoInc Thanks for helping out with the load of people. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I am in debt lol.
  2. Note: demo.r-pdesign.com and demo2.r-pdesign.com are currently down I ran out of funds to keep them running so you will not be able to see the live demo sites for my modules. :( I'm currently working on getting them back up and running with a new server within the next month or two.
  3. @@anthonycomp lol i figured it out ! you have not followed step 2 of my instructions for the catalog/includes/database_tables.php and i quote from the install file.
  4. @@anthonycomp Please add some screen shots of your configurations as this will help considerably as well as the error message. I am the developer and can help you with the problem if i know what you are trying to do and what version as well as what you have modified if any of my module. Screenshots always help. :thumbsup: RULES FOR ASKING FOR HELP: 1. Take screenshots of both the main configuration and of the secondary configuration as well as the shopping cart side 2. describe what has happened to bring you to the error not this error showed up please help [generalizations such as this do not help as i do not know what you did or did not do to get the error]. Some of the time it is my code but most of the time you have not installed properly or configured properly 3. Allow time for me to look into your problem and find a solution. I do this in my free time so i ask that you be patient
  5. have you put a rate in for that product?
  6. @@chrispopp8 sound good :thumbsup: and i'm looking forward to implementing this into my module :D The new version 2.0 will be a total rework of how it is installed and be modular in design.
  7. @@Dirk Duckler This is a simple one! You just need to define the table in admin/includes/database.php with a define statement. so it should read define(TABLE_SHIPPING_MODE,'shipping_mode'); :thumbsup: B) [follow step 2 (w00t) of the installation file] @@chrispopp8 yes this is because my module works with a logged in customer only at this time and i am looking into fixing this for guests as well as logged in customers. Ahhh i see Malcome has answered your question. But rest assured i'll be working on my module over thanksgiving . NOTE: I WILL BE WORKING ON V1.86 OF MY MODULE SHORTLY AND WILL MAKE IT BETTER (w00t) I WILL ALSO BE WORKING ON A BETTER VERSION OF MY INSTALL FILE SO PLEASE GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS. I WILL BE OUT OF FALL SEMESTER ON DECEMBER 15TH and will be able to work and take a stronger look at my module.
  8. @@ArtcoInc this was for my debugging purposes you do not need to worry about this :thumbsup:
  9. @@550survival This could be as simple as resetting your shipping mode setting in your individual product. But anything could happen. Please send me your configuration in admin as well as the config for your single free shipping product.
  10. @@ArtcoInc set the following : Shipping Method for Table Rates The shipping table rate is based on the qty, order total, or weight of the items ordered. qty price * weight and in the products page set up a table rate there and use table per item
  11. Thank you for such a well written report I'll do my best to narrow out the errors and make this an addon worthy of my talents. Please allow 2 weeks for an update.
  12. bugfix 1.852 uploaded! This bugfix fixes the table seperate_mode table from not being installed. full package as always. Thanks again goes out to @@ladc_314 for testing and pointing this out.
  13. @@ladc_314 hmm, this is weird and i will look into it. The seperate_mode table should have been added when you pressed the install button from modules->shipping in admin. The p_ind and c_ind are included in the seperate_table_rates table and i was sure i replaced these entrys with the seperate_mode table. Please point out any new problems and thank you for your support. I will try re-installing my module in my live test site and report back. By the way yes you did correct it in the right way and i hope you enjoy it! :D
  14. @@uncoolthreads You should not need this step for version 2.3.x of osCommerce and do try the new file with the updated bug fix as mentioned above. The bug fix just updates the seperate.php file to the latest version.
  15. Bugfix 1.851 has been uploaded full package. Thanks goes out to @@ladc_314 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: for pointing this out for users of 2.3.x osCommerce! (w00t)
  16. SSPP v1.851 uploaded with bugfix 1.851

  17. @@ladc_314 Well i have confirmed my hunch and it was an error on my part. The file i have in the zip folder is an old version. I will produce a new zip file with the proper file and yes it was the seperate.php file in catalog/includes/modules/shipping folder. for the time being you can use the seperate.php file from the oscommerce 2.2 folder. The only file that needs to be different is the seperate_rate.php file so just replace the seperate.php file with the one from the oscommerce 2.2 folder.
  18. This is probably my self not updating the zip file. However i do not need to be yelled at for something that could be an easy fix. I also need to look at the files i have included and i do thank you for pointing this out to me. There are also two folders one for v2.2 of oscommerce and one for 2.3.x of oscommerce although the seperate.php file in both should be interchangable. so try the seperate.php file in catalog/includes/modules/ of the oscommerce 2.2 folder
  19. I have downloaded the file and will be looking over the code. I do not receive this error on my test site so you must have installed the module improperly. However as i said i will look at the code and see if i missed something between my test site and the files in the zip folder. When i develop i develop on a live site then download the code to a file to zip. Sometimes i will forget to download to the zip folder because im tired or etc.... So i will look at the code.
  20. @@ladc_314 What error? please be clear when asking for my help. If it the error you see above you have already installed the modules tables and DO NOT NEED THE update18.sql this is only if you are updating from my earlier versions. If you had the earlier versions this would be the reason for the earlier error of the undefined p_ind [this is an old query as i can not find it in the new version] You must read my instructions for updating your old version of my program to the new. First make a backup of your rates also you have to run clean.sql or similar. not only that but please give me a line number from your earlier error.
  21. @@ladc_314 where you updating from a previous version? if so then i will create an update.sql file for you. the error means one of two things either you have no entry in p_ind or p_ind does not essist in which case you can just uninstall reinstall the module this should fix it but you will have to reset your values. I will look into this for you and fix it with a v1.851 Thank You
  22. @@ladc_314 hmmm i'll look into this as it looks like i have to re-work the file thank you for this info. i think if you look further back in this forum you will see a possible solution to it. are you trying to use indipendent rates with the default? if not i might have to create an if then statement for a blank query. ths might also be an old query and if so it can be fixed give me a day or two to fix this
  23. Please to help me what version of OsCommerce do you have and what folder did you use to install my module? @@uncoolthreads For everyone else if you need help installing I need proper information from you. Such as: What version of OsCommerce are you using? What version of my module are you using? What step are you having a problem with? Give me screenshots if possible Descibe your problem in detail, not i installed your module and it doesn't work what is wrong? If possible decribe what other modules you have installed
  24. SSPP v1.8 is uploaded!

  25. @@neverforget98 Unfortunately, developing plugins for free takes time away from paid work so i do it on my free time. I'm just now updating for v2.2.x of OsCommerce If your talking about v3 of OsCommerce this is in the beta stages and needs some bugs worked out as with any new release. I'm sorry if this is essential to your shop, however the v1.813 should work for your needs. If you absolutely need the latest version, please help contribute to the future success of this plugin. I will be releasing v1.85 tonight after i debug for v2.3.x of oscommerce