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  1. Also you have to set the rates in the immediate parent category of the product . For example:. Using a vanilla install of oscommerce in the dvd category you have sub categories. So if a product you want shipping is in the DVD - > Action category you would set the rates in the Action category NOT the DVD category. You will have to do this for all your sub categories from the main category such as Horror, SciFi, etc.... I might have to develop a way to do this more easily.
  2. @Psytanium Looking at your setup It looks like you want to have everything at $4 shipping except for this category. Set the Individual Product/Category Setting to Category *this is key* The TEXT_SEPARATE_IND is used to use product rates separate from the category rate. For example : If your category has a rate of $5 shipping but certain products in that category are on sale and have free shipping or a reduced shipping for the sale you can set those shipping rates separate from the category rate or in your case it works by applying the rate for the category you set aside from the default flat rate. What version of my module are you using? I'm currently working on version 3.0 of my module which adds support for purchase without account, UPS shipping, and a simplified install The TEXT_SEPARATE_IND is a define statement within the admin/includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/separate.php . It might be missing, but all it is is some text describing what the function does. Also please contact me directly at rapetet@gmail.com for more immediate results.
  3. No need to run the update25.sql as this is a new installation. Thank you for trying my module. ☺️ The SSPP v2.5 version page is the latest and you should be using the latest commit to it.
  4. In case you're wondering here is the link https://apps.oscommerce.com/y0sgE&separate-shipping-per-product-v2-5-sspp
  5. @Chadduck If you use the link in my signature it will direct you to the proper version . What happened is that I lost access to my previous account so i made a new one for v2.5 and above. My module is now at 2.52. In effect there are two download sections. I'll talk to the oscommerce manager and see if he can eliminate the older versions as they are outdated.
  6. Bug 2.52 I found out the zip file was missing the php7.0 fixes and had files in the wrong places as well as duplicate files. Please download the new version as it is correct.
  7. @SnargThank you for downloading my module. First a few questions. For the categories that already have table rates are they the same? If so you can set up the default table rate in the main configuration using your current table rate from what I imagine is the default table rates shipping module that came with oscommerce. Also select categories for your settings. The new categories don't need any configuration except Use with default rates? Set to true. The last USPS rates my module doesn't have support for yet but I can work on the module and see what I can do. Give me a couple of days and I will have a screenshot of the settings. Important that you don't place rates in your main categories but rather the main sub categories that your products are in
  8. I'm glad it now works if you need more explanation of how the add-on works I'll be glad to help out. The new files are just the two files to make it work with PHP 7.0 on installing the module. I'll be working on this module to include support for purchase without account and a couple additional features.
  9. UPDATE I have uploaded a small fix to the installation of my add on to work with PHP 7.0. Problem was with a new install on a server with PHP 7.0, the modules.php install button would cause the PHP service to throw an error and stop parsing the page resulting in only flat_rate shipping to be partially displayed and no right column. It basically involved a small function in the catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/separate.php and admin/includes/languages/seperate_rate.php files. Specifically the mysql_fetch_assoc() function that was depreciated in PHP 5.5 and eliminated in PHP 7.0 in favor of mysqli_fetch_assoc(). Go to the link below in my signature for the two files and install in their respective locations. An updated version of the full package will be advailable for download in a couple days Thank you.
  10. @Mikepo I am the developer of this addon and yes it is complicated and versatile all in one. Could you go ahead and send a snapshot of your settings both the main settings where you configure the addon itself [this would be the configuration where you enable or disable the addon] and the product in question [this would be under the Seperate Shipping Column entry aka the second configuration]. I have not tested this addon for php 7.0 the last of it was for phph5.0 i believe. I am not familiar with the osC CE version. By the way are you wanting to use individual product shipping rates or are you selecting by category? Table rates, flat rates, or free? Or a combination of the three? Please feel free to contact me directly at my email address rapetet@gmail.com. Thank you and have a nice day.
  11. @raiwa Thank you for the link to this app. I should be able to program my module without the use of a guest login app per say. @ArtcoInc As i mentioned earlier, I needed a full working version of my app. Which, if you looked at it, errors in the shipping quote happened without guest accounts enabled. I needed to fix these before anything else. I will be working on taking out the customers_basket table from my queries and using the proper global variable in the queries. I am on my free time, so do not expect this to be up and running in a week. I say this would take about a month or two. And before you say this should be easy it is only a query, remember, just like the average shop owner i had to learn php from scratch and I am still learning. With that being said, I need to find out what variable is being passed on to the Purchase Without Account and if this is the only guest login available to OsCommerce 2.3.4 users
  12. @ArtcoInc Not as of yet. If you take a look at my change log, bug report there was a lot of work to get the module to function properly. This is the next step in evolution of my module as well as making the inherit function work properly. I'm also looking into creating a guest login module of my own if one does not exist. My other wish list is bug reports from within the module itself and maybe a way to incorporate a discount coupon for percentage or amt off of shipping costs.
  13. Update: Separate Shipping Per Product v2.5 is now available in the apps marketplace! The file was approved this morning and has been uploaded to the apps marketplace you can find it here: https://apps.oscommerce.com/Apps&y0sgE&separate-shipping-per-product-v2-5-sspp
  14. @Gergely Actually yes, I'm just waiting on the approval process by the oscommerce team. My link to the old addon redirects to the new app page and i will be updating the link to the new version of my module when it becomes available.
  15. Update the new version is awaiting approval for public download! Note: the install file is basically the same as the last with some new features. It might not be complete as far as the update section is concerned and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to shoot me off an email to rapetet@gmail.com Also the new version will have its own download link. I have separated it from my older versions in the hope of streamlining the process. This will still be the support forum for it for right now until i migrate it into a new support forum.