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    hostricity reacted to bkellum in Need to insert unique content into a category or subcategory page   
    The site administrator's didn't take into account that the current method could quickly get out of hand with so many categories/subcategories. It works just fine for a shop with few of each but that is not the case here.
    I think the best option is to use HTC SEO contribution. This will provide a very easy method for adding descriptions to each category/subcategory/product page within the Admin. It simply adds extra fields to the category/product page creation process that the shop owner can add via the Admin and STS will automatically add it to the $content tag of a single category or product page. This would allow you to get rid of all of the numerous category/subcategory templates and have a single home page template (index.php_0.html) and a single category template (index.php.html) and a single product page template (product_info.php.html).
    The extra benefits of installing HTC SEO is that is also provides the necessary Search Engine Meta Tags needed for your shop to be found by Google, etc.
    Highly recommended as it works flawlessly with STSv4.5 and above.
    Hope this helped you out,