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  1. sukumart

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    I have installed SPPC 4.2.2. Thanks for the contribution and it works OK with few issues When I click customers in Admin, I get below link for every customer link. As I have 40 customers per page, I get 40 such links and clicking each of this link selects the customers which are listed below // BOF customer_sort_admin_v1 adapted for Separate Pricing Per Customer At the same time, I can click each of the customer links as well. How to avoid the above link which is duplicated to each of the customer links. Other than that I am able to test with seperate group and able to see seperate pricing and could checkout w/o issues. I am looking at support how to integrate SPPC with Order editor as when I add products manually, it shows retail price instead of the group pricing for that customer and order id. Thanks
  2. sukumart

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I would also like to take help in resolving Order editor with SPPC. I too see only retail price when adding products thro OE.
  3. sukumart

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I am getting below response when i login again after the first items is added to order thro order editor " You have not selected an order to edit, or the order ID variable has not been set. "
  4. sukumart

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I just recently installed the Order editor 5.0.9c package. When I edit order, able to delete the orders. When I click to add new products, new pop up comes and I am able to select the product and add to order. Then the main order edit page refreshes but goes to login page. After that new items I am adding doesnt add to the order. So ineffect only one line item I am able to add every time. Is there a way to correct. I am getting incorrect order total as after the firat item added thro order editor, additional items are not counted by the sub total but shows in the order. Thanks
  5. sukumart


    My Points & rewards is working fine. I see few issues. 1. I get only a check box to redeem full points against orders and no box to enter the points manually to be redeemed. is this possible? 2. In Admin under customer points section, I was trying to use the search option to filter the birthday of customers by month or any drop down option, it takes me to the login option again and bring back to the customer point page but its doesnt filter as per drop down option. In simple words, the drop option doesnt work. Is there a way to make it work and filter as per drop option. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks & Regards Sukumar
  6. sukumart


    I am using V2.1rc2a Most of the functions works well - Referral, Review and Orders - Points get added and shows under pending. What I dont see is the redeem system not working even though its enabled. During payment checkout option, I am able to see only refferal box getting displayed for new customer checkout but for customers who have points, the redeem box doesnt show up even though they have enough points for redemption. Where would be the problem to get the redemption system working. Same is at the confirmation page, I am not able to see redemption amount not shown. Any help would be greatly appreciated.