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  1. birdrockdesigns

    Discount Coupons for Version 2.3.1

  2. birdrockdesigns

    [Contribution] Discount Coupon Codes

    Has anyone been able to fix the line for includes/classes/order.php that has $shown_price? My code on order.php is vastly different than the code provided in the installation instructions for Discount Coupons for osc 2.3.1 http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/367500-discount-coupons-for-version-231/page__view__findpost__p__1613147
  3. birdrockdesigns

    Discount Coupons for Version 2.3.1

    This code is incorrect for V2.3.1 FIND on line 327: $shown_price = tep_add_tax($this->products[$index]['final_price'], $this->products[$index]['tax']) * $this->products[$index]['qty']; $this->info['subtotal'] += $shown_price; REPLACE with this code: //kgt - discount coupons if( is_object( $this->coupon ) ) { $applied_discount = 0; $discount = $this->coupon->calculate_discount( $this->products[$index], $valid_products_count ); if( $discount['applied_discount'] > 0 ) $valid_products_count++; $shown_price = $this->coupon->calculate_shown_price( $discount, $this->products[$index] ); $this->info['subtotal'] += $shown_price['shown_price']; $shown_price = $shown_price['actual_shown_price']; } else { $shown_price = tep_add_tax($this->products[$index]['final_price'], $this->products[$index]['tax']) * $this->products[$index]['qty']; $this->info['subtotal'] += $shown_price; } /************** $shown_price = tep_add_tax($this->products[$index]['final_price'], $this->products[$index]['tax']) * $this->products[$index]['qty']; $this->info['subtotal'] += $shown_price; **************/ The code in my includes/classes/order.php looks like this: $shown_price = $currencies->calculate_price($this->products[$index]['final_price'], $this->products[$index]['tax'], $this->products[$index]['qty']); $this->info['subtotal'] += $shown_price; Can someone assist? Thank you.
  4. birdrockdesigns

    Header Tags SEO

    Thanks Jack. I used the file from the contribution for 2.3.1, then I reinstalled the SEO URLs 5, and it's peachy now. It's just really odd about the CRE and OSCMax. But it works now. Anyway, many thanks for your assistance! It is very much appreciated.
  5. birdrockdesigns

    Header Tags SEO

    That's the strange thing, I'm not running CRE or OscMAX. It's a manual install of 2.3.1 I have the Affiliate Contribution which I modded for 2.3.1, Security Pro, SEO URLS 5, and Header Tags SEO I uploaded a clean version of admin/categories.php and I can edit the products, I made the changes for Header Tags SEO and that's when the issues arise. I have yet to completely uninstall SEO URL 5. I'm stumped. Why would the test think I was using CRE?
  6. birdrockdesigns

    Header Tags SEO

    I can't seem to find the 'edit post' link Anyway, I ran the Header Tags Test several times, and despite removing the code from the 'affiliate' files contribution, I still get errors as noted CRE or oscMax Error: explain CRE or oscMax is running and the head code in the affiliate_banners_build_cat.php file has Header Tags code installed, which is a mistake. CRE or oscMax is running and the head code in the affiliate_banners_category.php file has Header Tags code installed, which is a mistake. CRE or oscMax is running and the head code in the affiliate_validcats.php file has Header Tags code installed, which is a mistake. All the PHP related to header tags have been commented out or removed. Is this a cache issue? Arg.
  7. birdrockdesigns

    Header Tags SEO

    No good. I used WinMerge to compare the files, and on loading the categories in the admin, I got this Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /home/content/***/******/html/store/admin****/categories.php on line 417 So I removed the '}', now it's reverting back to previous unwanted behavior. When I click on 'edit' product button, the url is appended, and then that string that was appended disappears. ...categories.php?cPath=&cID=25 Should be appended with categories.php?cPath=25&pID=39&action=new_product but I get this .../categories.php?cPath=&pID= The cpath and the ID are blank. Could you assist me? Thanks.
  8. birdrockdesigns

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, Another contribution (Header Tags SEO 3.2.6) added successfully, thank you. Except for one thing.:( I disabled SEO URL 5 because I noticed that when clicking on a category in the admin, and then clicking on a product - everything loads fine. When I click the 'Edit' button, to edit the product, I'm directed back to the categories. My thinking was this was a rewrite issue. For example, http://www.onlinestore.com/store/onlineadmin/categories.php?cPath=25&pID=39 is the product url in the admin. I click on 'edit', which appends the url with http://www.onlinestore.com/store/onlineadmin/categories.php?cPath=25&pID=39&action=new_product I am not able to get to the product edit page. I reverted back to the old 'categories.php' and it works fine. I'm going to redo all the edits for the Header Tags SEO contribution, as likely it might be an error on my part. However, I just wanted get this post up to see if anyone else came across this issue. Thanks for all you do.
  9. Just a quick suggestion/question: Is there a way to add a sort order to the featured products, if so, how? Thanks
  10. Fantastic work! Thanks for this Chris.
  11. birdrockdesigns


    Has anyone got this working with OSCommerce 2.3.1?
  12. Doesn't work for me. OSC 2.3.1, Windows 7 checked in FF, IE8, Safari and Chrome. Blank home page. :huh:
  13. So, it's March 31st - where's the download link for OSC 3.0?

  14. birdrockdesigns

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Yup, that's it! Had moved the site to another server and the path did not include 'public_html', so fixed it, and the script ran without a hitch. Excellent, thank you Jack!