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  1. oscgchd

    KissMT Dynamic SEO Meta Tags

    I see this in the english.php file. Can I change this to dynamically reflect whatever product is being displayed? The URL is fine - just need the title bar to change too. // page title define('TITLE', 'osCommerce');
  2. oscgchd

    KissMT Dynamic SEO Meta Tags

    I installed this addon and it works great. The only problem I'm having is that I still see "Oscommerce" on the title bar. How do I change this?
  3. Just figured it out. Thanks.
  4. Hi Jack - Any idea on why I'm getting the error above? My site is down and I get can't past this error.
  5. Getting this error when I uploaded Ultimate SEO 2.1 Fatal error: Call to undefined function usu_db_query() in includes/classes/seo.class.php Was I supposed to install something first before I installed this add on?