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  1. bestbed

    Header Tags SEO

    HI There, after successfully installing Header tags, we have encountered a problem where the product decription and title are not saving to the database, this doesnt work even if update an old one it seems fine in the preview page before i "update" but once i have done updated it just doesnt seem to save has anyone got any ideas please. All the best Adam
  2. bestbed

    No prod Decription

    hi can anyone help me as i`m completely stuck to as my website dont seem to be saving the product description or title it goes through ok with no errors but it doesnt show and when i go back in to edit i`ts vanished any ideas ??
  3. bestbed

    Header Tags SEO

    sorry to be a pain jack, i`m new to these installs what test page are you referring to ?
  4. bestbed

    Header Tags SEO

    HI Jack, i have installed and all seem to be working, thanks to the nice and simple instructions. I have 1 slight problem. only in internet explorer the column right has moved to the bottom of the page, any ideas why this has happened. i have checked other browsers and all seems to be fine its only when you go into a product Got any ideas ? www.best-beds.co.uk
  5. bestbed

    Header Tags

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me, i have installed SEO Header Tags, (successfully). i now have a problem where when you look at our site in Internet explorer only, the column right is at the bottom of the Page. could anyone suggest what to look for please www.best-beds.co.uk Many Thanks Adam