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  1. Unwanted Bots swamping site again, I think we should start a petition asking for bots to banned unless we expressly allow them to pry into our sites

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    2. kenkja


      Done all that, just brasses me off that we should have to do it, these bots use the host resources, if I found the authors of the bots and started their cars and left them running until all the fuel was gone, the would be royally pissed off, thats just how I feel about them stealing resources I pay for !!

    3. MrPhil


      Legally, how could you tell that a visitor is an (unwanted) bot rather than a real customer? Don't forget that without bots, your site wouldn't appear on any search engine results.

    4. kenkja


      Yeah I hear you MrPhil, just having a moan

  2. received order number 1000 last night, thank you osc, the devs and the community

  3. I just recieved my new glasses, varifocals, think that make me officially old, damn it !!

  4. Hopefully got v2.3.3 all done, wot fun !!