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  1. Hi Jim,


    Yes, I am using the latest usps.php file. I put in the lastest file from yesterday and get an error: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method usps::enabled() in /home/httpd/vhosts/neperformancemustang.com/httpdocs/Catalog/includes/classes/vendor_shipping.php on line 111, referer: http://www.neperformancemustang.com/Catalog/shopping_cart.php?osCsid=49musus174ha8h7pf2qacge8f1


    In the vendor_shipping line 111 - } elseif ($GLOBALS[$class]->enabled($vendors_id)) { //Module is enabled for this vendor


    $include_quotes = array();


    foreach ($this->modules[$vendors_id] as $value) {

    $class = substr($value, 0, strrpos($value, '.')); // $class is the filename without the .php

    if (tep_not_null($module)) {

    if ( ($module == $class) && ($GLOBALS[$class]->enabled($vendors_id)) ) {

    $include_quotes[] = $class;


    } elseif ($GLOBALS[$class]->enabled($vendors_id)) { //Module is enabled for this vendor

    $include_quotes[] = $class;



  2. HELP!!


    I installed MVS 1.2.3, ran the MY SQL file successfully and made sure that under the vendors table for vendor ID a value of "1" was set...


    I went into my oscommerce store's admin and looked under shipping/packaging. I saw the modifications for emailing and Use Vendor Shipping I set these options to true to enable them. I looked for the "Vendor Manager" and it was not present.


    I thought that everything was working until I realized that I did not see and could not find the "Vendor Manager"...Where did I go wrong? I am new to adding modules so maybe I am missing something?


    Any thoughts???


    Thank you,



  3. Hi,


    Attempting to utilize the autoinstaller for YMM and hopefully other OSC contributions. Receive blank page from browser and in error log see:


    PHP Fatal error: Cannot clone object of class DOMDocument due to 'zend.ze1_compatibility_mode' in ...com/httpdocs/catalogdev/ymm_autoinstaller/autoinstaller.php on line 22


    Line 22 of autoinstaller.php file is dom = new DomDocument('1.0')


    Checked the server info in OSC and xmldom is enabled.


    DOM/XML enabled

    DOM/XML API Version 20031129

    libxml Version 2.6.26

    HTML Support enabled

    XPath Support enabled

    XPointer Support enabled

    Schema Support enabled

    RelaxNG Support enabled


    Where do I go next?