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  1. younmever

    Why a customer needs to log in?

    Thank you Chris, I've figured out as well. I'll post it for another dummee like me in the future >_< At Paypal.com Go to Profile > Website Payment Preferences > set PayPal Account Optional on Have a good one everyone
  2. younmever

    Why a customer needs to log in?

    Hello forum members, I believe that I have installed and configured Paypal Standard correctly, but there is one thing I don't understand. I thought a customer doesn't need a paypal acount to pay, but they can use their credit card to pay. When I try to pay myself, so I click on check-out, the page turns to Paypal. But it is asking to log in. Is there any thing I can change, so that a customer can either pay with credit cards or they log in and pay with their email address? Thank you very much
  3. -To Vger- First of all, thank you very much for such a nice contribution. I've had a lot of trouble with the Cerified AIM, but now I can rest. Vger, I have just one question and if you can fix it, I'll really appreciate it. Do you know how to inplement x_duplicate_window in your coding? When I try to purchase any item with same credit card within 2 minutes, the transaction doesn't go through. I just have to wait more than 2 minutes, and it goes through. Ever since there is no way to change such option at Authorize.net, I guess I have to edit some codes. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at PHP. Would you able to instruct me? Best regards,
  4. younmever

    AIM problem

    It's Monday, and everyone seems very busy at work :( I'd like to describe more about my problem It seems like my site doesn't send out any information about the purchase to Authorize.net I'm using a template in osCommerce. Does it make it any different?
  5. younmever

    AIM problem

    Hello forum members, I'm having a big problem that I tried to figure out over the weekend, but couldn't get anything. I guess I installed and activated this Authorize.net Advanced Integration Method certified correctly. It's a long story, but basically it worked, and it stopped working and I can't fix it. I've tried everything I could such as ID, Transaction Key, and etc I also tried AIM (GPL), but when I tried this, it seemed like I'm having some SQL problem too. What am I supposed to do?
  6. younmever

    URGENT QUESTION help me with this strange issue

    Thank you for your remarkable advise, Mark. I guesss you're right. Since they're not working on Sunday, I'll check and make sure tomorrow. And let you guys know. Have a good one.
  7. younmever

    URGENT QUESTION help me with this strange issue

    Thank you for your advise, Mark. By the way,I log in with another name using another card to buy the item. I still see the same problem. What do you think?
  8. Hello forum members, I successfully installed and activated AIM module, and had this situation. I tried to buy an item, it went through good. I tried to buy the same item, I see an error message Please try again and if problems persist, please try another payment method. I bought another item, it went through good, I bought the same item, same problem came out. I have set up like I have more than 1000 each items, so this is not about stock problem or something Is it some kind of my coding problem? Could any one give me a clue please? Best regards,
  9. younmever

    Paypal website payment pro and express checkout

    Thank you for your advise, Johnny. I'll contact with paypal to make sure.
  10. Hello forum members, As always, I've come to ask a silly quesiton :-" Unfortunately, the oscommerce template that I have bought doesn't have any Paypal website payment pro and express checkout in the payment module in the admin. And I'd like to find out if I really need to install both of them. I mean if I install only the Paypal website payment but do not install the express checkout, what is going to happen? Could anyone explain how they work together if I have to install both of them together? Thank you very much.