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  1. abe1983


    Thanks, I had the right path of my site. When I open my admin I see this screen: All the fields under the red square are already filled in. Then I change it to the correct path, like you explained. Then I get the error like my previous post. The things I don't get are the red cirkels. Why am I logged in with c? I didn't make that login/admin? What am I doing wrong?
  2. abe1983


    Thank you Sijo! It worked for one site, but the other I get this message!
  3. abe1983


    I've got now this error: And I've got still the problem with the inlog with another unknown user?
  4. abe1983


    Can you give me an example. This line automaticaly stood in the start dir field of the configurationpage of sitemonitor. Thanks.
  5. abe1983


    When I'm in my admin and I go to Sitemonitor. The person who's logged in automaticaly changes in another user I don't recognize. I tested it on two different webshops. One time it changes in c and the other time in i. Please help. I also cannot go to the admin. This is also an error I get. If someone can help me thanks!