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    This is great contribution, thank you! I have one small problem, when I confirm point in admin and check "Notify Customer" it does NOT send the email. What could be the problem? I haven't modified the customers_points_pending.php file at all Thanks Regards Plamen
  2. Is there a way to implement the product reviews form to be displayed directly on the product_info page as opposed to going to another page. I belive it would make it for users to leave reviews.
  3. Thanks very much burt. It worked! ;) For those that want to implement it too. 1. On product_info.php find And place this code after it. 2. I have reviews also displayed on the same page, so after the reviews or find another suitable place, place this code 3. Add the javascript validating the form 4. IMPORTANT. As burt noticed, make sure for form closing tag </form> for adding the products to the shopping cart is before the opening <form> tag for the posting the review form. That's it!
  4. Aha, will try that. Thanks
  5. It seems the problem has been discussed already here http://forums.oscommerce.com/lofiversion/i...hp?t107750.html I tried to implemented myself but I had the same problem as SwissChris The from button to continue (submit) does add the product into the basket, instead of submitting a review. What could the problem be ? Anyone more experienced? Thanks Plamen
  6. Hello everyone, I've searched but couldn't find anything related. Product review are becoming really useful for customers to make up their minds before buying. So I want to encourage people to write reviews about the products we sell and return I thought we could award them points. Do you know if there's a contribution which does that? Regards Plamen
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    Wedding Gifts List

    Thank you very much! Exactly what I need it!
  8. plamenski

    Wedding Gifts List

    Hello, I've search but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know of a contribution that does wedding gifts list? Many Thanks Plamen
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    I have installed this contribution today. Inserted a Coupon in the admin area. But whne I tested during checkout, I enter the coupon in the text field in checkout_payment.php but nothing hapnned. No discount was applied anywhere. I believe I've installed all the files. What am I missing? Help! Regards Plamen
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    Free shipping by categories

    Hi, I have this contribution installed but I have the same problem as the previous poster suggested. If the customer happens to buy a product that qualifies for free shiping together with others that don't, they get a free shipping for all. How can this be fixed? Many Thanks
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    free shipping by categories Problem

    You're not the only one. I too installed and can't see how where to switch it on from.
  12. plamenski

    Seach Engine Friendly URL II

    btw, this is the contribution I am talking about http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...l/search,engine
  13. Hello, I know there is a support thread about Seach Engine Friendly URL contribution but it is very long and I couldn't find an answer to my problem. Basically I installed this contribution, did everything: Set the web site to use seach engine safe URLs Enable cache in the admin Set force cookies to True but it still doesn't seem to work. Here's the url http://www.easy-wine.co.uk/fine_wine_champ.../index_copy.php Can anyone help please? Many Thanks