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  1. prasanthitalluri

    Auto generated XML feed Add ON?

    Anyone please reply? I tried out googling for this from a long time. Any kinda help is greatly appreciated.
  2. prasanthitalluri

    Auto generated XML feed Add ON?

    Hi All, Is there any add on available for XML Data for a complete website. something like rss feeds but in the xml format. I found the add on for rss and it working. Is there any for the XML?? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
  3. prasanthitalluri

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Hi All, I have downloaded the Attribute Wizard and followed the step by step procedure on the oscommerce catalog. the display is ok. but I dont know whatz the mistake I made with this. Its not working and no errors same time. I have seen in this post that to activate the go button to make this add on work some red color button, but i didnt find that anywhere in this application. :( could someone please help me fix this. Im going nuts trying to figure out my problem "I want to add the attributes at a time to all the products" Awaiting for the reply. Thanks in advance.