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    Sage Pay Server

    Never mind. That issue has been fixed and now I am stuck on the fact that no page is displayed when I make the transaction.
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    Sage Pay Server

    I've recently had my SagePay account activated. I have downloaded the Sage Server files and installed them, setup my Sage Test account and set the module to Test. The option to use Sage comes up but when I click continue I get redirected to the payment page and the following error is at the top of the page: There has been an error processing your credit card Please try again and if problems persist, please try another payment method. In the URL the error code is 2015 There is something I am obviously missing as it seems to be working for everyone else. Is there anything in the module files I need to change. For further background info I have my site's IP address correct, though I did have to add 4 0's at the beginning to 'pad it out'. In my Test account the payment page template is set to address read only, though I get the same error when using Default. Any help and assistance is appreciated. Thanks Nate