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  1. Hello, nobody working with Opera ? I have a another error under IE too, the total records of entered entries weren?t show. There should be shown how many Contributions are installed. greets Andreas
  2. Hello, I can?t find the contribution "loginbox 5.2 Extended", I had to installed ahead, Warren said. Because of this I get the following errors: Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in d:...includesfunctionsgeneral.php on line 942 Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_not_null() in d:...includesfunctionsbanner.php on line 44 I would be pleased, if somebody could help me to find the contribution or what I have to insert to get the function working. Thank you Andreas
  3. howgo

    version 1.4 -- NewsDesk released!

    Hello, how can I view complete News at the Main Page of my Shop ? Not only the headline. Thanks Andreas
  4. howgo

    Event Calender

    Hi alverman, I missed that hint, it?s working now - I hope it will work on the right site soon. Thx Andreas
  5. howgo

    Event Calender

    If I click on the > at right, next to the text for example "May 2003" the same error as above appears. greets Andreas
  6. howgo

    Event Calender

    Hello, If I click on the "year view" button, the following error appears Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in d:...shopevents_calendar.php on line 101 Where do I have to put in the missing function ? Thx Andreas
  7. Hello, I have got an error with the latest v1.1 - If I change to the maintenance modus, the stylesheets file won?t be loaded. The result of them is that the page is totally unformated. What I have done wrong ? Thanks Andreas
  8. Hello, I installed the contribution, but no Pictures were displayes. I did it several times, I can?t see my mistakes. Has anybody a idea? Than you Andreas
  9. @set aside I have got the same problem, the contribution is not errorless. Andreas
  10. Hello, I tested it on IE 6 and Opera 7.03 - but the the error from posting before exists on both. On Opera 7.03 there are more errors. The Calender don?t work right, the selected date isn?t written to the textfield. You can?t set the status by clicking. What can I do against this ? Thanks for help Andreas
  11. Hello, I have the Problem that the count number of entered contributions won?t be shown. Here is the part for that of the ../admin/installed_contributions.php (line 353) <td class="smallText" valign="top"><?php echo $admin_query_split->display_count($admin_query_query_numrows, MAX_DISPLAY_SEARCH_RESULTS, $HTTP_GET_VARS['page'], TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_RECORDS); ?></td> Can somebody see, why the number isn?t shown ? Thank you Andreas
  12. Hello, I tryed to install this contribution, but I get always this erros. I can find out the error - I compared all changes several times. Parse error: parse error, unexpected $end in d:...shopincludesapplication_top.php on line 640 Notice: Use of undefined constant DIR_WS_LANGUAGES - assumed 'DIR_WS_LANGUAGES' in d:...shopindex.php on line 33 Notice: Undefined variable: language in d:...shopindex.php on line 33 Notice: Use of undefined constant FILENAME_DEFAULT - assumed 'FILENAME_DEFAULT' in d:...shopindex.php on line 33 Warning: main(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES/FILENAME_DEFAULT) [function.main]: failed to create stream: No such file or directory in d:...shopindex.php on line 33 Fatal error: main() [function.main]: Failed opening required 'DIR_WS_LANGUAGES/FILENAME_DEFAULT' (include_path='.;c:php4pear') in d:...shopindex.php on line 33 I would be pleased if somebody can help me Thank you Andreas
  13. howgo


    Hello, what modifications are made in 1.4.5fix compared with 1.4.5 ? Only around files or in db too ? http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1 Thank you Andreas
  14. Hello Warren, thank you, its running now. The only differnce was that you leave out the function "tep_encrypt_password" in password_forgotten.php file. Thats why it was redeclared and i don?t noticed it. You separated the password_forgotten.php file too, or ? Otherwise it wouldn?t work, to get the password mailed, if I don?t know my admin login any more. Bye Andreas
  15. Hi, I coded it now, that it uses the FILENAME of the application_top, not a hardcoded one. But I don?t know how the solve the error: The code in password_funcs.php is: // This funstion validates a plain text password with an // encrpyted password function tep_validate_password($plain, $encrypted) { if (tep_not_null($plain) && tep_not_null($encrypted)) { // split apart the hash / salt $stack = explode(':', $encrypted); if (sizeof($stack) != 2) return false; if (md5($stack[1] . $plain) == $stack[0]) { return true; } } return false; } //// // This function makes a new password from a plaintext password. function tep_encrypt_password($plain) { $password = ''; for ($i=0; $i<10; $i++) { $password .= tep_rand(); } $salt = substr(md5($password), 0, 2); $password = md5($salt . $plain) . ':' . $salt; return $password; } ?> But this is the code from only the admin level contribution, where is the code form this password_forgotten contribution? The default MS1 doesn?t have the password_funcs.php file, but the password_forgotten contribution needs it. In the readme of it, there is nothing how I have to create them. So I can?t compare the two needed version and get it together. Ciao Andreas