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  1. takchin

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    in_array function uses 2 Boolean arguments, but $id is not defined prior to this function. So very simple add $id=0; to the start of function in line 61 as follows: function newsedsk_show_category($counter) { // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- global $foo_newdesk, $categories_newsdesk_string, $id; $id=0; for ($a=0; $a<$foo_newdesk[$counter]['level']; $a++) { $categories_newsdesk_string .= " "; }
  2. takchin

    Contribution: Reciprocal Links

    Hello to all, I have problem for registering utf-8 codes, like persian characters. for instance when someone wants to enter his sitena, or his name in persian character, an error will occured in next step and nothing will register in system. this problem is not consist in admin side of this program. Please solve this problem. regards.
  3. takchin


    Dear All, I have installed this valuable module in my site and it seems very useful to me. I have a request, is it possible to add a function or module to it that can be added specific points to all of my customers? for example, I want to add 1000 points for a reason to all of my customers but now I have to do it for one by one. Another request, if the program could add specific points for birthday of customers automatically, it would be great. Special thanks to great programmers.