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  1. Thanks dude, and did it now and type it whitou the ''Insert configurations values'', lol, i just Ctrl + C everything whitou check. But now i got another error. 1064, syntax error, looks like theres a topic to that here, ill look into that and see if it happens this time. Btw i have a question off-topic if you dont mind answering, can i edit the osc_zones archive by somehow? i need to delete the states that i doesnt want to because im using the selection bar where people choose their states, and theres millions of states i dont want to, how do i modify the archives?
  2. Whats wrong? Error 1146 Table doesn't exist. And another quest, on the ''manual'' doesn't say how do i ''place'' the value, does anyone know?I want it to be 200,00([Edit] LOL but checking know i tried to put 2.000,00[/Edit]) just like as i put it below, do i have to use pontuation os something? Something are in portuguese. Thanks for now.
  3. Thanks for that, i will look into, hope i will be able to run it ok, because im a whole newbie at that.
  4. Im having problem on ''installing'' this addon, im confuse on what to do on step 4. Thanks.