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  1. Hi, thank you for the Contrib. It Works fine, but i've a small issue. I've defined all 5 Levels 1) 250$ to 2% 2) 500$ to 5% 3) 1000$ to 8% 4) 2500$ to 13% 5) 3500$ to 15% the Calculation is ok and work. If i klick in the overview on the link to open the java Window, then this work for Level 1 and 2, if i have more than 1000$, then i got a Failuremessage in the Explorer "failure on the Site", thats all, the order can finished without problems. have you an idea what the Problem can be in this case? its not important, its just a (in german we say - Schönheitsfehler) an i dont no how its called in english :-) thnk you
  2. hi, i've a problem with the contrib 4269, Disccount Coupon Codes. The Contrib works, but the Discount includes the Shipping Costs and i think that is wrong, how can this be changed? thanks for helping eric