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  1. Sorry, but in the instruction I only found information about force www.mysite.com/ when www.mysite.com/index.php but nothing about force www.mysite.com/it when www.mysite.com/index.php/it




    Hi again,


    I mean, I get that the URL my.site.com/it is working by using the rewrite options but the problem is how to get that USU 5 produces uri's like my.site.com/it and not www.site.com/index.php/it in the language box?





  2. Hi Robert,


    I upgraded from USU 5 to USU 5 PRO in a testing site and I'm experimented the next issue:


    USU 5 PRO is producing the next kind of uris for the popup images




    While USU 5 produced the next one:




    I prefer the second one so I think it's more friendly with SEO, why USU 5 PRO don't produce popup uris in the same way like USU 5?



  3. @manniman


    Open up includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/cache_system/sqlite.php


    Find ..


    public function gc( $file_info ) {


    change to ..


    public function gc( $file_info = false ) {


    I did it but now I get the next error message on every page:


    Fatal error: Declaration of Sqlite_Cache_Module::gc() must be compatible with that of iCache_System::gc() in /usr/www/users/guide677/camposlorca/tiendas/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/cache_system/sqlite.php on line 19






  4. Hi Robert,


    Don't sure if this topic will be soported in this forum. Anyway, I would like to tell you that I tested the STS installation on my fresh RC2 with USU 5 PRO and I found that it works ok, except the pop_up image in product pages of other languages different of the predeterminate language. I mean when I try to maximize a image I don't get the image but something like a index page with variables like:


    Startseite » Katalog

    $categorybox $cartbox

    $manufacturerbox $specialbox

    $whatsnewbox $reviewsbox

    $informationbox $languagebox




    it seems like STS doesn't undertand url's like




    but if understand








  5. Hi Robert,


    I m finding that USU 5 PRO respond to my expectatives, but I noted the think that manniman reported about manufactures pages:


    I mean the ussue that happen when I switch the shop's language to spanish, everything looks fine until I have a manufacturers page like




    In this page, when I choose "Mostras: ratones" (Show: mouses) from the select box above the product listing, the language switches back to the default language english and I get the page //localhost/USU5Pro/microsoft-m-2.html?filter_id=9&sort=2a .





  6. Hi Robert,


    I have english like default language. Then When I change to the spanish or german language, I get the next uris





    (the same with the other Php files)


    Would it be possible get uris like?





    On the USU 5 BETA documentation I read that this scenario happened when it hadn't a default language, but I think I have enhglish like default language so don't understand this behavior.





  7. Hi Robert,


    I just installed USU 5 PRO on a fresh osCommerce RC2a, but now when I go to the catalog index I get the next error:



    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'SQLiteException' with message 'SQLiteDatabase::__construct() [<a href='sqlitedatabase.--construct'>sqlitedatabase.--construct</a>]: unable to open database: /usr/www/users/guide677/camposlorca/tiendas/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/cache_system/sqlite/usu_cache.db' in /usr/www/users/guide677/camposlorca/tiendas/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/cache_system/sqlite.php:46 Stack trace: #0 /usr/www/users/guide677/camposlorca/tiendas/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/cache_system/sqlite.php(46): SQLiteDatabase->__construct('/usr/www/users/...', 438, 'unable to open ...') #1 [internal function]: Sqlite_Cache_Module::i() #2 /usr/www/users/guide677/camposlorca/tiendas/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/main/bootstrap.php(380): call_user_func(Array) #3 /usr/www/users/guide677/camposlorca/tiendas/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/main/bootstrap.php(49): Usu5_Bootstrap->cacheSystem() #4 /usr/www/users/guide677/camposlorca/tiendas/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/main/usu5.php(69): Usu in /usr/www/users/guide677/camposlorca/tiendas/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/cache_system/sqlite.php on line 46


    What's wrong?