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  1. Ok thanks Jack I will give it a go and I'll let you know what happens. Thanks
  2. Hi Jack, Sorry still can't get it working. Can I check a few things? Can you check that I am following this correctly? Step one copy all files from the admin folder to my admin. Then copy the includes folder from your admin folder to my folder. Step two change the code in english.php found under admin/includes, change filenames.php and column left. Step 3 go to sitemonitor>admin>configure I went to the url and checked to see if I could find the set up page but it appears as a white page just. When I renamed the configure page google came up saying couldn't find this page. I have spoken to my host company and everything is working ok. Unless I have done something wrong sorry.
  3. Thanks Steve. I can't find one anywhere. Where do I place this file in my host? Do I put it in the catlog file? For the HT access protection to work do I copy the code from the security download into my new ht access file? Thanks
  4. Hi, I am trying to install HT access protection. I am not sure where to find the ht access script in my shop? I'm a bit confused how to install this. Can someone please help me? Thanks
  5. When I log into admin at the bottom there is a link to site monitor which gives you two options one admin and the other configure. When I click on configure the page appears blank. When you click on admin it brings up the options to update.
  6. Hi, I can see the contents of the sitemonitor but not the configure page. I tried uploading it again and it is still blank. I installed all the files in the admin folder to my admin and added the includes files in the various folders. Went into the other files and added the code. I realy don't know what I have done wrong.
  7. Hi Jack I have just installed this add on, this is my first install of an add on, where i get to step 6: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step 6: Go to admin->Sitemonitor->Admin and click the top button. A message should be displayed saying that the file was ran for the first time. Then click on the second or third button to actually run a test. A "No mismatches found" message should be displayed. If not, something is wrong with the installation. I go to click on the configure the page appears blank and cannot click anything. When I go to Admin it shows the message above ok. I have renamed my admin folder. Do you know what I am doing wrong? Please help. Thanks