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    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    hi, i just install it, its works fine, but got one problem i just installed google checkout, it works fine when STS is off, when i turn STS to true (on), and then when i try buy something for test, at the last stage when it should take u to google web, it just shows some shop page with STS tags like : $categorybox$ $manufacturerbox$ $whatsnewbox$ $cartbox$ $informationbox$ one one side and $specialbox$ $searchbox$ $maninfobox$ $orderhistorybox$ $bestsellersbox$ $reviewsbox$ $tellafriendbox$ $languagebox$ $currenciesbox$ on the other side i am doing some project to pharmacy : http://www.relievepharma.com/ please help fix this, cuz i want use STS, but when its on, checkout not works, why? when i turn it off its fine, whats that might be? thx
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    hi just instaled it it works fine but getting some problem with STS (simple template system) when its turned off, google checkout works fine, process to google but when i turn option STS to true in admin, then on last stage when it supposed to take u to google pages i got some page witch things like : $cartbox$ $maninfobox$ $orderhistorybox$ $bestsellersbox$ $reviewsbox$ $tellafriendbox$ $languagebox$ $currenciesbox$ $categorybox$ $manufacturerbox$ $whatsnewbox$ $specialbox$ $searchbox$ $informationbox$ Anyone know how to fix this ? be much appreciate thx
  3. Mata Leo

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    hi, anyone got clear install instructions in english, cuz i downloaded "Ultimate_SEO_urls_r141_stable_FR" package and cant get it working, i got fresh install of oscommerce, just trying to learn how to get it working, with new install of osc. Any instructions please in english.
  4. 31 march ----> Thailand holiday :) Songkran :)