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  1. Thanks for the advice Todd I will do that. Can you just tell me if I'm supposed to download to my PC and install there to read the installation instructions. I'm just not sure if it's an add on I would directly install to and use from my PC. Thanks again. Sheila
  2. Hi All, I apologize, up front, for my ignorance in all of this. But for days I've been wandering around these forums in a daze trying diligently to understand how I add my products to OSCommerce. I previously set up my site, which I haven't published yet, using Webeasy 8 Professional with Paypal Standard add to cart buttons. I decided to go with dot5hosting.com and they provide an option of using OSC as well as agoracart and zen. After reviewing the options and features of all, I chose osc and now realize that I'll essentially have to scrap my original work and go with osc for the design of my site. I have been reading 100's of pages of posts over the last few days and find that I'm reading the old posts first, some dating back to 2003. This was the way I thought best to proceed but now I'm questioning the logic of that and have gone to the last third of the posts on a topic. I find I'm getting much further this way and think that this post is probably the answer to my prayers. However, I am a newbie in all of this and don't know quite where to begin. I have written to another section of this forum asking for advice on how to get to this very add on. I'd like to use it and have downloaded it to my PC, but now I'm not sure that's the thing to do. Can someone please give me some basic info on where to install it to and how to set it up from scratch? I don't expect anyone to provide step by step instructions but hope that someone can just inform me about how to proceed in downloading, installing, and setting it up in a brief overview. I'll try to figure it out from there. Thanks to everyone for listening to me rant and rave and to anyone willing and able to help me out with this. Sheila