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  1. cigcase

    [Contribution] STS v4

    *Warning* Put your milk down! Is there a way for me to remove the HEADING_TITLE in just the 'top' or main page? The STS V4.6 is great, BTW.
  2. cigcase

    API Global Gateway

    Thank you for the reply. There's quite a bit of hooting and hollering in the electronic cigarette world concerning ebay and Paypal. It's reassuring that Paypal is maintaining independence from ebay. So it is possible to install another gateway on osCommerce? I would need to get a web tech guy. That should not be too difficult though.
  3. cigcase

    API Global Gateway

    Hello. I made my own site, cigcase.com. I sell electronic cigarette cases and was banned by ebay for tobacco related products. Am told that since ebay owns Paypal that my paypal account will be next. I then established an agreement with First Data to process credit cards manually at the swapmeet or phone order. The people at First Data insist that I can install their gateway, API Global Gateway on my osCommerce site. API is not on the 'list' of payment modules. Is it possible to have API Global Gateway installed on osCommerce? Thank you.