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  1. GothicBlackRaven

    Shared Product Attributes

    Quantity for the attribute wouldn't work as if I have say a litre of red dye, it is impossible to say how much would be shared out through the various orders. I just want to tickbox if an atttribute is in or out of stock and it affects all items that include it.
  2. GothicBlackRaven

    Shared Product Attributes

    I run an oscommerce site for selling handmade soaps - w w w . R a v e n e s q u e . c o . u k What I want to be able to do, is to set up my choice of scents/colours across about 90% of my product range. But so that if I run out of a certain colour, or stocks running low, I can just switch off (or rename to include *low stock*) without having to alter on all items. The way I would envisage it is I would have an attribute item called "shared scents", and the list under that where if I switch off an out of stock item it would do it on all items that have "shared scents". Some items, I will only do in certain scents, and I would create attributes for that product separately instead of shared, but ideally I would still like the fact I have taken it out of shared to take it out of the others too. e.g. I go out of stock of 1 scent, 1 item is only available in 5 of my normal 20 scents so that gets reduced to 4 scents, and all the shared ones get reduced to from 20 to 19. Hope that makes sense!