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  1. VOLCANIC ASH DISRUPTS UK FLIGHTS........how cool is that?

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    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi I'm getting problems with taxable and non-taxable goods. My store is a bookshop and toyshop and in the UK I need to add 17.5% tax to the toys and none to the books. I have set define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_INCLUDE_TAX', 1); define('OPTIONS_TAX_RATE', 17.5); but this just sets a blanket 17.5% tax rate across the board and doesnt differentiate between the tax classes
  3. Alan Culpitt

    3x zones Table Rate shipping Module

    Thanks for the pointer on this. I know php but I'm not an oscommerce expert so you will have to bear with me here a bit. I've created three new files, tableUK.php tableEur.php and tableRest.php as copies of table.php in catalogue/modules/shipping & catalog/includes/languages/engllish/modules/shipping. I'm now getting an error message Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class table in /home/sites/lakelandchildrensbooks.co.uk/public_html/includes/modules/shipping/tableEur.php on line 13 can you explain a bit more? thanks
  4. Hello My client wants me to set up their store with three different tables of shipping fees based around the total value UK Up to £5.00 - £1.95 £5.01 to £15.00 - £2.95 £15.01 to £25.00 - £3.95 £25.01 and above - Free of Charge EUROPE Up to £15.00 - £5.50 £15.01 to £25.00 - £6.50 £25.01 and above - £7.50 REST OF WORLD Up to £15.00 - £7.50 £15.01 to £25.00 - £8.50 £25.01 and above - £9.50 Using the table rate shipping module I can set up 1 of these but not all three? Using the zones module I can set up three, but this is weight based not value based? Any help gratefully received.