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  1. Yes, I am using RC2.2A, PHP 5.2.12, and Mysql 5.1.39.
  2. Hi, I just installed the v1.5 and I am now seeing these error messages in my log. I do have SecurityPro installed as well: Undefined variable: hex in /home/webmaster/htdocs/catalog/includes/functions/account_secure.php on line 23 Undefined index: password in /home/webmaster/htdocs/catalog/create_account.php on line 18 Undefined index: confirmation in /home/webmaster/htdocs/catalog/create_account.php on line 19 I used a file compare program to compare my original with the 1.5v and seemed to have copied everything I could find, any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Joe
  3. tribby

    IP trap Version 3 released

    Hello, I installed IPTrap v4 and am having a peculiar problem. I was recently hacked and am getting flooded with requests to /images/ebay_login.php, so I created a symlink from ebay_login.php to /banned/index.php and those IP addresses are now being added to the IP_Trapped.txt file. However, the IP_Trapped.txt file only records 3 IPs at any given time. If it tries to add a 4th IP, a previously banned IP address gets deleted from the file and rewritten with the new IP + 2 others. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Joe