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  1. Example of what I'm experiencing: Step 1: Log in as Customer1 and complete checkout with PayPal Express (the only method that's available), then Logout. Step 2: Log in as Customer 2 complete checkout but does not take me to the PayPal site's login page (goes straight from Payment Information to Order Confirmation, instead of the PayPal site login page in-between) and allows me to complete/confirm the order BUT is using Customer 1's PayPal data so charges the order to Customer 1's account. If I clear my cache/browser then this is not an issue. How can I ensure this info is not retained and a customer is forced to log into PayPal from the Payment Information page every time. BTW I get the same behavior in both Firefox and Opera (Mac 10.7.4). Also, I am not sure if this is related to a previous problem I had found but was unable to get a resolution for. Can anyone duplicate this? Or have an idea for a fix. Thank-you.
  2. Hi Jetta (and all) thanks for your script that got me out of weeks of hot water. I am, however, experiencing a problem as follows with PayPal Express. Here's the info: osCommerce: V2.2 Shipping: USPS Methods 5.2.0_RateV4IntlRateV2 Payment: PayPal Express ONLY After adding items to the cart hitting Checkout from the "What's in My Cart?" page, takes me to USPS shipping selection page and works flawlessly from there, going through PayPal and returning to the site etc. etc. There's a problem, however, if from the "What's in My Cart?" page, I hit the PayPal button which bypasses the shipping selection page altogether, goes through the PayPal sign in and comes back to the site for price confirmation but not displaying any shipping info in the total whatsoever (only displaying the product price). Consequently, if I've been through the checkout process for the same item previously, then hitting PayPal bypasses the shipping selection page as above, goes through the PayPal sign in and comes back to the site for price confirmation but this time displaying the shipping price as previously selected. There's different behavior right there and basically both are wrong. So how can I get pressing PayPal to perform exactly the same as if I'd hit "Checkout" OR how can I suppress the PayPal button from showing at all thereby forcing a customer to hit "Checkout" which will then go through the correct process OR even better, is there a fix for this? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks much.
  3. Fixed. Thanks for everyones help and just in case anyone has this nightmare...from Version 3.0 installed "USPS Methods 5.2.0 V4IntlV2 Compatible" which has everything working fine. Also, got the browser dump error message by adding the the line to includes/modules/shipping/usps.php: var_dump(htmlspecialchars($body, ENT_QUOTES)); right after: $http = new httpClient(); if ($http->Connect($usps_server, 80)) { $http->addHeader('Host', $usps_server); $http->addHeader('User-Agent', 'osCommerce'); $http->addHeader('Connection', 'Close'); if ($http->Get('/' . $api_dll . '?' . $request)) $body = $http->getBody(); // mail('','USPS rate quote response',$body,'From: <>'); if ($transit && is_array($transreq) && ($order->delivery['country']['id'] == STORE_COUNTRY)) { while (list($key, $value) = each($transreq)) { if ($http->Get('/' . $api_dll . '?' . $value)) $transresp[$key] = $http->getBody(); } } $http->Disconnect(); } else { return false; }
  4. OK installed version 3.0...still get error. Did a dump and here's the output: string(310) "<Error> <Number>80040b1a</Number> <Description>API Disabled: Rate. This API has been retired. Please use RateV4. Documentation can be found at</Description> <Source>UspsCom::DoAuth</Source> </Error>"
  5. @@DunWeb @Praful Kamble I saw this page but got completely stuck as to which version or what exactly I needed to install. I went with 3.0 as I read this worked flawlessly for someone else recently who was getting the same error. Did the install and attempted to follow steps BUT step 6 required code be changed in the catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php file. When I searched for the code it wasnt in the file at all and therefore couldnt be replaced so I was back to square 1. What is your suggestion? When you say USPS methods do you mean start with the very first version (with no version no) from 16 Nov 2002? Please explain what number I need exactly and how its done ie do I need to start with nov 2002 and then do each one after that (which would be over 30-something installs)? Confused!!! Im a newbie but can (usually) follow directions well. Thanks much.
  6. @@Praful Kamble Not sure what module this is but the top of the file reads: $Id: usps.php 1783 2008-01-10 01:16:16Z hpdl $ osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions Copyright © 2008 osCommerce Not sure how to debug and check the error log. If I need to update module. Please advise. Thanks.
  7. On version 2.2. Got webtools account and ugraded to the production server. No mods are on the USPS files. When checking out, I get the following error: An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations. If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner. The unaltered code looks like this: $http = new httpClient(); if ($http->Connect('', 80)) { $http->addHeader('Host', ''); $http->addHeader('User-Agent', 'osCommerce'); $http->addHeader('Connection', 'Close'); if ($http->Get('' . $request)) $body = $http->getBody(); If the transaction is performed from a secure page (that starts with https) does this code need to be changed in any way? Any ideas why I'm getting an error? I have enabled the module, updated my zip (5 characters only), set the Sort Order to 1, of course added my username and password but not joy. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I've set the enable to True and filled in ID and Password (as here but thats why Im seeing the error on the front end. There is no sandbox/live setting I can find.
  9. This is not showing on the USPS module itself (looked through all other options and could not find the setting). Sorry for the noobieness. Using ver 2.2.
  10. I am...I'm using the original module but get error so thought I had to update one of the lines in the code as above. So if using the original I shouldn't have to do anything? FYI, in the control panel I've set Configuration->Shipping/Packaging with the 5 digit zip and other info.
  11. Have been upgraded to USPS production server but continue to get the error. I have seen in the forums that the URL that might work is: but what line(s) do you change in the following code? $http = new httpClient(); if ($http->Connect('', 80)) { $http->addHeader('Host', ''); $http->addHeader('User-Agent', 'osCommerce'); $http->addHeader('Connection', 'Close'); if ($http->Get('' . $request)) $body = $http->getBody(); Also the instructions from USPS read: 1. The Production Server URL is: For APIs calling the secure server, the URL is Under what circumstance should you use the secure URL and where do I need to change http to https in the code above (if needed at all)? FYI the checkout process and beyond on my site is secure. Thank-you.