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  1. Last post on the issue: i did a reinstall on a OSC (test) site, and the first contri I tried was MP. I Still could NOT get the pictures/images right (just one image or one top-right and two others bottom left). Using the original product_info.php from the MP-sources solved this problem. So apparently there is something wrong with the autoinstall... Anyway: it works!:-)
  2. I have changed all the settings again, but no result. The only way I can show more than one image is to set Table Location to 'below'. All other options result in just one image on the screen. I have looked at the code (the original OSC, the MP code, and the way mine is now, but cannot find the solution to the problem. If anybody wants to have a look at these sources I'd be more than happy to send it by mail. You can see what I mean at: http://tinyurl.com/ybmgwl6 thanks and take care, Marcel.
  3. Well I trief to toy with the different settings now, but nothing helps/works. Actually now can only see one single image on the right, while I know that there's two more. the settings I have are: Show all morepics: true Group parent: true use small: true restrict parent: true table alignment: right table location: above number of columns: 5 number of rows: 2 I and have tried all the settings inbetween. I have found that the contrib 'on the fly' is used, bot from other posts here I understand that this is not causing a problem.... Any clues? thanks in advance.
  4. I didn't even know there was a configuration section of the module. There wasn't any mention of it in the little install-manual that I read... I will have a toy with it. thanks, Marcel.
  5. Ok, reinstall was (as yesterday) piece of cake, bit the pictures are still not aligned correctly: http://www.thescrapbookcompany.nl/webwinkel/product_info.php?cPath=21_23&products_id=274
  6. Sorry, my bad. I thought you were looking for a screenprint and the code. I have restored a backup, will re-install MorePx again (hopefully tonight), and mail you with the link when it's back up. Thanks again!
  7. Hi and thanks for the quick answer. I hope I can produce this information, I am new to all of this. here's how it looks: and I have placed your original code from the download. It looks like this
  8. Hi there, I installed MP 6 Classic 1,4,3, and the autoinstaller worked just fine. On my product_info I now have a product with three images. The trouble is that the images are nog aligned correct. I see the three products as: __ __ xx (__ means spaces) xx xx Meaning two on the lower part, the first on the higher part. Is there anything I could have missed? thanks in advance.