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  1. The only think I've got from the 'gurus' is a lot of questions about why do I want to use images that reside on another server. I suspect that these folks just don't want to do it, or can't figure out why it won't work.
  2. mb01a

    Manual Order Entry

    actually it's not. it's not a 'module' .. it's a client/server application. yes. win 32. winxp, vista.
  3. mb01a

    Manual Order Entry

    It's not a 'contrib', but I have a full manual order entry app for OSCommerce. It's not a PhP app tho .. It's a real client server app. If there's any interest, please contact me here for details. :)
  4. Looks like no one is a 'guru' here. I tried Get_Remote_Product_Images_v1.2 and it does not work. It sets up the image location correctly, but never loads the image. I think the "get_product_image.php" file is not executing. @madmatt2006 I'll find another way. Chack back later.
  5. mb01a

    OsCommerce Download Feature

    I just made the mistake of trying to activate downloads on my test version of OSCommerce v. 2.2rca. It's a completely 'virgin' setup. No mods at all. I have set up downloads according to instruction found here and made all the pertinent tweaks and adjustments suggested by everyone. I never see the download link. The product indicated it's downloadable, but when the order completes, it goes to 'Finished' and mt only option is to press 'Continue'. After reading every post in this topic and seeing that a few folks have fixed it I've come to the conclusion that I'm an idiot. I think the OSCommerce programmers have made the Download feature a little too complicated for me to use.
  6. mb01a

    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    I'm about to install this Mod. Does anyone have the answer to "justdaveky's" problem? It looks like "Home Delivery" is one day. I've never seen a one-day home delivery. It's usually 5-7 days. Maybe FedEx' api got bad data from FedEx? :( Note: Road Doctor was last Last Active: Jun 06 2010 09:36 Is he not supporting this mod now? He won't get many donations if there's no support ...
  7. ed: Ok .. I found that I don't need application_top.php in buildfedexdata.php. I changed that line to "require('includes/configure.php');" It loads now, runs 2-3 seconds, then crashes with a 500 (Internal Server Error). I guess this contribution is just too old to be used with ver 2.2rc2 I've uninstalled it.
  8. I know I'm dumb so please don't remind me. When I try to run /admin/buildfedexdata.php It returns "Unable to connect to database server!" Is this a permissions problem? My admin folder is set to 755 and the file is 644. I use firefox as my browser. I know there's not much activity in this thread recently, but maybe someone could point me in the right direction ..
  9. "Allow Customer To Select Product Listing Size"

    any idea what folder this needs to be installed to?

  10. Well, it works ok for me - except I have nothing pertaining to this mod in my admin panel. In looking at the mod I can't see anything that adds anything to the admin panel at all. Maybe I have an old version, or something. In any case I wrote a 'back office' program that populates the three new fields in the category and products_description tables along with a way to modify them as needed. Someone asked - "How do I run sql?" It's done with PhPMyAdmin. Click on the sql tab after opening your database, copy/paste randy's sql into the box, click 'go'. Worked fine for me. The result can be seen on my site here -> http://bonnefidesavings.com/catalog/index.php (note: this is a live site, so don't make an order unless you mean it. *grin*)