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    Add More Fields

    hi jack, i have installed this wonderful contribution (thanks a lot!!!) and i am very happy with it...i just wondered if there is an 'easy' way to add the new fields to the advanced search of the shop...? best regards, tom
  2. ....i found the mistake...simply forgot to upload: catalog/includes/modules/xsell_products.php great conrtibution !!!! tomisa
  3. Dear Community, i have installed xsell 2.72 contrib on my v2.2. RC2 shop -> everything in the admin section seems fine - i can set cross links etc and do not get any warnings.... but when i look at a product in the shop -> i get the following message (instead of the cross linked items): Warning: tep_cache_xsell_products(includes/modules/xsell_products.php) [function.tep-cache-xsell-products]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/**/**********/htdocs/catalog/includes/functions/cache.php on line 172 Warning: tep_cache_xsell_products() [function.include]: Failed opening 'includes/modules/xsell_products.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php') in /homepages/**/*********/htdocs/catalog/includes/functions/cache.php on line 172 anybody got an idea - what is (or went) wrong??? i'm glad for any help - tomisa
  4. tomisa

    Newsletter products, HTML email

    Hi everybody, i have installed the 3.0 Version on a modded v2.2 RC2 - double checked the installation - i also have comment out if (empty($module)) { $messageStack->add(ERROR_NEWSLETTER_MODULE, 'error'); $newsletter_error = true; } to avoid the 'Error: Newsletter module required' everything seems right but when i go to the newsletter manager and choose newsletter_products i only get the 'newsletter'.... there is no products field or template field is it possible that something with my sql changes went wrong? i'm happy for any kind of help - happy easter - tomisa
  5. hi johnnymas,

    thanks a lot...that's what i've already done...and know it kinda works !

    regards, tom

  6. tomisa

    Manual Order Maker

    hi mathias, thanks for the hint - i did the same and it's running now - best regards, tom
  7. tomisa

    Manual Order Maker

    hi there, i've installed the manual order maker 1.5.8a -> i already had order editor installed -> i have also checked and altered like it said in the manual order maker combatibillity.txt file now i have got the following problem: when i choose create order -> i can select a customer (or create a new one..) but when i hit the save button i get the following error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_address_format_id() in /homepages/35/d13381217/htdocs/catalog/yr45tsnmo/create_order_process.php on line 46 here is line 46 of my create_order_process.php: $format_id = tep_get_address_format_id($country_id); i am really totally clueless and would be really happy if someone has advise.... cheers, tom :rolleyes: