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  1. Today I have ported the add-on "Category Description" to OSCommerce 2.3.1. If you have problems or a cool way to use or enhance it, send me a PM! @burt: this is open source - try to be helpful, with comments or code.
  2. Thanks! I'll send you my patch against a current fork.
  3. Bump. Please also add a reply if you can answer only one of my question, mainly: Where can we submit patches for OSC core??
  4. We have a shop in Switzerland. Our main currencies smallest fraction is 0.05 CHF. So we wanted to round all prices to 0.05 - not only to 1 or 2 digits after the point. I chose to patch the core of osc 2.2rc2a to allow a float as "number of digits". Now it is possible to configure CHF to be rounded to 1.30103 digits (10 ^ -1.30103 = 0.05). It works and is simple to use. I am new to osc and therefore wanted to ask here: - Was it wise to do this by patching osc core? - If there is interest, where could I submit my patch? - Is this issue solved in osc 3.x? +++ Oliver